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Fantasia deluxe Kemer tom cat urine in SPA
9 years 4 months ago
Winter concept is not to clean and offer no service!!!

Firstly let me say I have travelled for around 40 years as a child with my parents and now an adult and never have I ever had to move hotels ever especially due to lack of basic cleaning regime and very poor service.

Having booked for 3 weeks and having had an excellent experience last year at exactly the same time for almost the same price in the same region though different hotel we were looking forward to our holiday.

Things did not go to plan, firstly the lobby is ok the rooms nice and spacious (Junior Suite) if you ignore the dead fly stuck in the middle our nets from day 1 which was still there 11 days after oh and the photo of the bed after the maid had been is comical, the food is ok.

Our problems started to get worse in the common areas which are simply filthy, the tables the shelves the floor the bar all thick with dust, it gets worse the more you look though, the spa area is disgusting smells of cat urine and when I dried my feet on the floor the underside of the towel was black.

The service is just awful, one bar person serving 2 separate bars during lunch the main bar and running to pizza place to serve there also, bars constantly left unattended, a manager who delivered a meal to the sole bar tender who then disappeared to eat it while the bar stood left unattended, constantly leaving the bar to make calls and answer texts, not once at the table in the main bar where we (nor did we see any other guest ) asked if we wanted a drink and rarely had empty glasses collected, the bar is filthy with dust and table stains, the ashtrays are washed in the glass washer so glasses are filthy also. The outside terrace is just thick with dust sand and cat urine, tables never cleaned nor the floor.

Inside broken tables filthy shelves and tables, unmentionable things growing in room corners. Entertainment, forget it; you will have more fun watching a single goldfish swim around a bowl.

The main pool is in sight all the time from the terrace and though in winter the pool is not used you would think the life guard who wanders around it all day doing nothing would at least fish the debris and festering rubbish from it so you did not have to sit in the sun and watch it float around all day.

Good luck letting your kids run around safe, there is an outside kitchen with no door on it you can just walk into it and it is covered in broken glass and cat excrement it is unbelievable the carnage in there all open anybody could walk through again see photos.

The gardens well kept if you ignore the building site and the overflowing industrial Bins and the animal cages especially the pigeons who live with dead birds and in thick excrement with sewage overflowing from the cage into the grass, the gas plant left wide open and earth cable left for anybody to remove or kids to play with.

The broken tiles the broken glasses all around the sun deck the broken stairs the random holes and check out the showers after the jackhammer had been running for few hours, the areas with no guard rails to fall down the list could go on and honestly its tragic.

I communicated my concerns to guest relations explaining all these details and present her with the towel from the spa and explained I stayed local for same price same time last year and this was nowhere near the standard we expected, she was shocked by our concerns and assured us it would change but explained this was there winter concept? So is your winter concept not to clean cat urine and clean spa area in general? And why does guest relations not mingle with guests?

After our meeting conditions did not change after 36 hours later the spa still smells of cat urine and the floor still filthy the filter tip I dropped in the main bar still sits 10 days later in the same location and to top it all I enter the gents near the main bar and again no hand towels, I check the cleaning log on the back of the door to discover the last entry some hours ago so I write, 1200 AGAIN NO TOWELS, and take a photo next no my watch, 30 mins later the cleaner attends removes the timing card and fills in a new one to cover for the whole shift in advance.

What a shocking cleaning regime at the risk of guests health. After no changes we left 9 days early for another reputable hotel we had used the previous year.

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