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Benidorm's new and long overdue bus station is now open, providing a 32-platform terminus for airport, regional, national and international coach services.

The new station has been located just outside the resort centre in order to reduce traffic congestion in Benidorm, eliminating hundreds of bus movements within the heart of the resort each day.

Bus stops previously used in the resort by these out of town services will gradually be phased out over the next couple of months. Anyone intending to use the service to/from Alicante Airport in the coming weeks and months should verify whether bus stops in the town will still be operational on their dates. Shuttle buses will provide connections between the bus station and downtown Benidorm.

Local bus services will continue to operate within the resort as normal.

David :wave
I thought it looked about ready to open when I was there last week. Thanks for the update David.
i am off to alicante soon, does anybody know if i can buy cigarettes from little kiosk up the stairs just before you go through scanner machine when i arrive there because when i go home it is in the middle of the night or how much fags are in duty free shop. is there any tobacco shops open on a sunday in alicante.
any info appreciated
i am off to alicante soon, does anybody know if i can buy cigarettes from little kiosk up the stairs

Sorry Tracey but that Kiosk has closed down I believe. I t wasn't there at the end of September when I was last there.

Sue :)
Hi Tracy, I don't think any tabacs open on a Sunday, I think they close Saturday afternoon. At the airport the cigs are usually about €3 a carton more than in the resort. I know I paid that difference when I got a few "extra" cartons at the airport in November, Regal King Size were €31 at Eurotabac, and €34 at the airport. Hope this helps, Linda.
new tabbacs at the airport,dont no if its open yet,its across the road near the car parks
David :
I didn't know where to put this, so I hope it's in the right place as it's for the attention of the people who are specifically travelling from Alicante Airport and not airports in general and I thought there is more chance of them seeing it, in this forum.

Just a word of warning"¦.
When we travelled back on Tuesday, Thomson and the check-in staff are now making you put your suitcases on the belt and instead of weighing them separately, they hold them on the belt and you have to put your hand luggage on top of your cases and the whole lot are weighed.

So, if you think that you can sneak a bit of extra weight in your hand luggage that won't be weighed, then think again because they are red-hot on excess weight and the price is now, 10 euros for every kilo excess"¦.....robbing :swear

Watch what you put in your hand could cost you dearly. !

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    Thanks Sanji ... edited and merged with Alicante Airport topic.
what if you hide your hand luggage , they never put any stickers on it anyway ?
what if you hide your hand luggage , they never put any stickers on it anyway ?

Hide it.? where are you going to hide it,? when the Thomson mafioso are watching you as you approach the yellow line....and the check-in staff do ask if you have any hand luggage.

Not sure, but it could be an offence to say no, when you do have some.

Hi Sanji

Thanks for telling us about the hand luggage being weighed with the cases. I think a lot of peole tend to put a lot in their hand luggage so we'll have to be more careful when we go at Easter!

Hi all - I always hire a car for my travel to and from Benidorm from Alicante but does anybody know how much the current price is for a taxi?. The 7 lads who went for my stag weekend are making a return visit in April and I have been checking the prices of the shuttle for them but I think it may be cheaper with two taxis. The transfers are working out at £22 each.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
I think it is around €60 one way, but hopefully someone will have more definite info.

luci :wave
Hi. If you are thinking of booking with Shuttle Direct, don't expect the service you pay for!

I paid 170 euros for return private transfers, when we arrived after our flight had been delayed for 2 hours and finding no driver
we went to their desk, to be told there was no mini-bus for us and we had to use the shared transfer with loads of drop offs,
and we would then have to take a taxi to get our keys from letting agent, which I refused, so we had to take 2 taxis at the cost of 132 euros, luckily I had just enough euros from our last hol.

I traipsed over to their office in to complain, to find them closed the 1st time so went again (rather time consuming)
Well the womans attitude was disgusting she told us "we were just too busy and you should have took the offer of the shared transfer", to which I replied " if I had wanted a shared transfer I would have booked one" I also told her that my son had been upset because he thought we wouldn't get our keys before the office closed, to which she replied "thats not our problem is it?" (we only just made it using taxis!!) she also refuted that there would have been a lot of drop offs and very angrily went off to find the list to show me, well there were 8 drop offs, now its been a long time since I have used this type of transfer so didn't know if it was a lot or not, but said I thought it was, to which she sheepishly said "well we don't normally have that many"

I cancelled the return trip because I was so angry at her attitude :evil: and said I would use Resort Hopper in future, she pulled a face and said " I wish you luck" to which I replied " well they can't be no worse than you can they? :-x

Anyway she said she would put the 170 euros back on my card, I didn't think at the time and couldn't be bothered to go back, but it meant we were £100 short of our hol money and had to keep the same amount for our transfer back to the airport in case we had to use taxis again, we were there for 3 weeks and £200 is rather a lot of money to manage without.

Sorry for the long rant.
There is another chapter to this tale which I will tell you about another time. ;)

Many thanks Ladies for the info/advice. I think they will be better with 2 taxis for an extra few quid.

Lizzie - it was shuttle direct, I will let them know to avoid!
Instead of the coach we had private transfers this time got it in ebay and charged
£65 return for 4 of us he was there to meet us and on return came into the hotel to pick us up would definitely do it again. Regarding the tabac shop at the car park it is open and was open when we arrived on sunday the 6th january
please can someone tell me the times for the Benidorm bus at this time of year. I can only find a timetable for peak season. Also do you pay the fare to the driver

Many thanks
Hi Carol ... to check timetables for your specific dates, please click here.

Tickets were previously always available from the driver in both directions, but in our Benidorm Bus Station topic, pebbles mentioned recently that tickets must now be bought from the ticket office before boarding.

David :wave
There are 12 of us going to Benidorm in June. We will be booking private transfer from the airport with one of the transfer companies mentioned on this thread, (don't know which one yet).
the thing is that when I go onto their websites, it doesn't specify a drop off point. We are staying in two different hotels (9 of us in one and 3 in another). Does anyone know if they charge more for two drop off points? I believe that the hotels are about a mile apart.
Does anyone know of a good taxi transfer company from alicante airport.
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