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my favourite restaurant in protaras is the Olympus, so much so that although being on all inclusive we made the trek from the constantinos each night to have tea there! Food is first class and staff so friendly. I've yet to find a restaurant ANYWHERE to come near to their food!
Favourite Indian Restaurant - Koh-I-Noor. Tucked away up a side street opposite the Alexander the Great Hotel. Well worth searching out. They also do take aways.
Hi Everyone

Can someone recommend a restaurant in Limassol that caters for Wedding Parties?

Getting married in June and wanted to shop around for a venue.

Many thanks

Onree :cheers

I live in Limassol and although I've never visited this particular restaurant, the Aliada near the Old Town does often get mentioned as a great place go go, on a regular basis:

I also really like Neo Phaliron, near St Nicholas or Curium roundabout on Glastonas Street:

You may also want to check out CyprusEatOut website, which is listed by location:

If you contact the website directly, I'm sure they will provide more details of restaurants that cater for Wedding receptions.

Have a great time!

We got married in Paphos in 1999 :-)

Hi Cyprus 100

Cheers for the recommendations, i'll have a look into them.
Hi can any one help just want to know if the red indian (used to be called the american bistro) in protaras serves steak i know it does great big burgers which are :tongue yummy i have tryed looking up the resturant on google but can't find it thankyou.
My favourite restaurtant is Sage in Ayia Napa. Excellent food, a bit more pricey but worth it. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
Hi brad /angela

The red india does serve steak and its superb :cheers
Hi mabs i thought they would do were look forward to that then thanks :tup
Hi can anyone help we would like to know if anyone can tell us where Brannigans is and if its any good there? We are guessing it's in the Pernera area we have stayed in this area before but this year we are staying in Protaras thankyou :tup
My favorite place to eat is the 3 Lions Pub in Ayia Napa, great atmosphere, great food and if you think you've had the best you havent tried nothing yet!!

The staff are extremely friendly and make you feel at home.

K xxx
Hi we alway eat at the Vinery in Dherynia near parralimni when we go to Cyprus (going again next week) Excellent food and good value

Not as good this year new owners
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Oskars or Oscars in Protars is nice.... its facing mcdonalds on main strip
"...tell us where Brannigans is... "

Do you mean "Bennigans" ? -

227 Cape Greco Avenue
Pernera Square
Protaras 5312

Its on the main road right at the front edge of "The Crown Resorts Elamairs" in Pernea, where the Taxi Rank is !

Food looks ok, never been in though.

Hi slight off topic (again :offtop ;) ) what are the prices like eg for a middle of the road resturant? mainly cypriot/english?
I can reccomend the Flintstones Pub on the main road in Protaras, we went there on a night when I didn't fancy the buffet in the hotel.
Flintstones Special Garlic Muhrooms are to die for, stuffed with hullumi chees and ham on a salad bed with a garlic dressing.Both hubby and had this. For my main course I had the Garlic Chicken, hubby had Moussaka and the bairn had a barney burger. Washed down with a bottle of wine and two cokes for the bairn, came to just under 60E.
We will be visiting again next year.
The Blue Bay, The Jolly Waiter & The Onassis Taverna at Pernera - superb value for money.
Our favourite restaurants in Paphos are:
Cavallini - Italian restaurant - fantastic food, fantastic staff. It's not cheap, but well worth a visit or two!
Poco Loco - Mexican restaurant at the Aliathon Holiday Village - fab!
Taste of India - Indian restaurant at the Aliathon Holiday Village - fab! (remember the gaviscon though!!).
The Italian restaurant at the Aliathon Holiday village - fab (can't remember it's name sorry!).

Sunbow - it's about a 5 minute walk from the Aliathon - on the 'triangle'.
Pegasus - again......about a 5 minute walk from the Aliathon.

Oh, if you want fab Fish and Chips - Moulia - it's on the same road as Debenhams in Kato Paphos. This place can rival some of our own Chippy's!!

Chloe's - in the harbour - a fantastic Chinese restaurant.

Brahms and Liszt - on the 'triangle'.

Happy eating xx

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