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Hi I read your posting with interest, you mention that you think that Malta is only for retired people which is just not the case, I am 40 and my wife is in her 30's we are back in Malta next week for our 12th visit and we still haven't seen it all or done all of the things we want to do, but just so as you know all the major winter destinations are full of retired people at this time of year including Cyprus, Spain, Canaries etc, Malta is a fascinating little country with a huge history, great weather, unbeatable character, magnificent scenery, warm hospitable people, wonderfull culture, and delicious food and drink, but it is not exclusively for older people by any stretch of the imagination, you may like to read a few more of the postings in this forum, or alternitavely check out either or

Thanks for replying. I take it there are many bars/restaurants, the same as any other holiday resort? Where abouts would you recommend as a seasoned traveller to malta? 8) And do you know what the temperature is in the middle of march? :shock: :lol: 8)

LOL so many questions!
Hi, yes there are numerous bars, pubs, and good places to eat in Malta, our preference is the town of Sliema, and the average temperature for March is about 16 degrees C, which is early 60's Farenheit, but as I said check out the websites I told you about and have a read of some of the other psotings on here.

Hello C & J
Lots of info here on bars, clubs and restaurants all over Malta
Hi C & J,

I wouldn't go to Malta in March if I were you... Well, not if you're looking for a holiday in the sun, that is, as it won't be especially warm yet then. I am going to Malta myself in not too long, but opted for May as hopefully it will have warmed up a bit by then.

If you want a warm holiday in Europe during the 'colder' months I think the Canaries is the safest bet. I'd go to either Gran Canaria or Lanzarote, or possibly Tenerife. I did go to Fuerteventura this Xmas and did enjoy it, but it's always very windy there and that sort of made it a bit chilly whenever there was a bit of cloud - even though it was warm really... Gran Canaria is nice - can recommend Maspalomas and Puerto Rico...

Well, good luck choosing your holiday and enjoy yourselves away from the kids! :wink:

Thanks monica, but i thnk maybe we'll go a bit further afield. I want some sunshine!!!! lol! Just got to find somewhere where the flight isn't too long as it's only a week! Thanks everyone for all your help.
Hi C & J, :wave

How about somewhere like Morocco or Tunisia? Should be warm (certainly warmer than Malta) - and a reasonable flight time :idea:
Hi Linnyann,

Have been going to Malta for many years and will be going twice this year. We fly out for a week on 14 Feb and will be there for a fortnight during August.

Going in February is the earliest we have been to Malta but have been twice during March previously. If it is the weather you are going for then I do support people who say that it's not that warm at this time of the year, but for us it's an ideal time to hire a car and explore. I have to say that nevertheless the weather in Malta is generally better than here in the UK.

I doubt if Tunisia is going to be that much hotter looking at the weather maps and I think you're still taking pot luck in March. If you want warm sunshine, this end of the year, then your best bet is the Canaries. We've been for a week in Feb previously and have had good weather, though it still rained for a couple of days. The flight time from the Midlands compared to Malta is about an extra hour but the cost of going there is much higher.

Hope this helps,

I'd agree that Tunisia isn't a done deal this early on. We went a couple of years ago in March and it was decidedly cool. Some days were OK and definitely better than the UK. But we had some cold days with rain and it wasn't warm enough to swin in the hotel outdoors pool or the sea. In the two weeks we were there, we had a couple of days where you could sunbathe at mid-day. But if you're after "winter sun" then the Canaries are probably the best bet.
Another alternative to the Canaries in March is Sharm el Sheik, its about 5 hours flight as opposed to 4 for canaries, but temps well in the 70's also guaranteed no rain.
There are plenty of choices of accomodation, usually lots of good offers available and in the main resort (naama bay) lots of restaurants, shops etc , the resort is about 15 mins transfer from the airport.
We have visited Malta many times over the last few years. The earliest we have ever been is the end of May. Even at the end of May it can be quite cold and wet, if we leave it until first week in June it seems to be the change over and it is warmer and sunnier.

We always stay at St Julians, a very busy resort but doesn't affect us we have a young daughter so are not looking for late night life but it is there if you want it.

We have found that the prices have gone up considerably over the last couple of years and eating out is quite expensive for what you are eating. Pizzas and Pastas are not cheap.

We do enjoy Malta and will definitely return when the prices come down a bit.

I went to Tunisia in early March and it was hot, dry and sunny, sun bathed every day, maybe we were just lucky.
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