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15 years 9 months ago
We arrived a little late due to flight times (at 10.30 pm) - and were greeted with a very frosty reception when we tried to get anything to eat/drink. My wife was six months pregnant at the time and it took us over an hour to find anyone who could help us and provide food and drink to our room!

The room itself was very comfortable with good air conditioning, no tea and coffee making facilities and only three free small bottles of water in the moderately cold fridge. If you want it stocking, you have to pay at least 15 euros for a handful of drinks!

We only booked for a week and we are certainly glad that's all we had to endure. The food was dire - we may have high expectations but the repetitive appearance of the same fish portions and chicken joints was too much and on many occasions the chicken was under cooked. Occasionally a salmon would appear as a 'special ' course but was handed out begrudgingly by one of the chefs in very small portions. Largely it was rice, flavoured rice, russian and german style salads and breads and sloppy tasteless vegetables.

Constant queueing was the order at the Caribbean World, whether it be for food (like school dinners) or drinks (always served in small glasses) or even a place by the pool or on the beach. If you are happy being treated like a second class citizen then you'll be happy at the Caribbean World - don't get me wrong, a lot of the local Egyptians are fabulous, welcoming and make the stay bearable but the management have allowed the Russians and Germans to overun the beds in the limited shade to the point where towels are put on beds at 5.30 am on both pool and beach beds by each family so they can choose where they prefer to lie in the sun!!!

I kid you not! We complained to the managemant after two incidents where we were accused of removing towels by an aggressive Russian (is there any other kind!) the first time and by a grumpy Polish man the second! And the agression was directed at my wife who is most clearly pregnant!!!!

If you ask me I would think long and hard before going to this hotel. The faults were too many - such as the ONLY place children can get the promised ice cream at lunchtime is by walking over 300 yards to the main restaurant from the beach and dressing accordingly. There is only one place to enjoy a shisha (you are in Egypt after all) and that is after 6.30 pm at a bar where they do not serve beer!!!!!That is if you can get a seat at all!!!!!

The bars/restaurants were constantly running out of ice/glasses/beer/cuttlery and they only serve it in smaller than half pint glasses so as soon as you have had one, you want another.

We discovered on our last night - we were leaving early - that all the food in the main restaurant is pre-cooked during the day and then brought back to eating temperature in the serving dishes via heated water!!!! Certainly not proper food standard preparation and not surprising that so many people come down with a dicky tummy!!

Someone in a previous comment made the remark that they thought British tour operators were missing a trick by not offering holidays to this destination - if you ask me they don't want to touch it with a barge pole until it comes anywhere near it's promised 5 star statusand as a Brit amongst all the Russians and Germans you are outnumbered and your opinions are irrelevant. I realise that people at different weeks may have a different experience of this resort but as far as I am concerned everyone should have a five star experience every week they visit!!!!! And as regards to the number of Russian Guests - I know it's hard to generalise but they seem rude, ignorant and aggressive towards each other as well as other guests!

Oh, on a positive note, the room did have a good safe!


Travel operator: First choiceThompson

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