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Lindos, Rhodes, Greece

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13 years 8 months ago
Avoid At All Cost. Hotel says it's in Pefkos - it's 4Km away on Lardos Beach !!! All inclusive - they are having a laugh. The kennels we put our dog in are cleaner. It's a HEALTH HAZZARD.
All inclusive - Not. Had to pay 84 euros for air con, 24euros for safe deposit box if ther was one available that was lockable & not damaged, constantly had to ask for toilet rolls, even had to buy water... The bathroom was discusting. 5ft x4ft with a shower, toilet & basin in. The floor was covered in cracked & broken ceramic wall tiles with dirt in the cracks, The toilet looked like it had never been cleaned, let alone seen bleach. Deep scratches & cuts in toilet seat. Ants everywhere. The toilet kept overflowing when flushed, need i say more? There was such a fowl smell in the bathroom every morning that my partner was unable to use it, she was gagging & had to go to the comunal toilets to wash & clean her teeth. Called the maintenance man many times but he relly didn't have a clue. The bed was infected with fleas or some such thing as every night we were bit to hell, we were'nt the only ones. Had to get some insect repellant & spray the bed & sheets every night & it was about 10 days before we stopped getting bit. Cleaning was very poor. dust & bits on the floor & furnitue when we got there was still there when we left. They changed the sheets & bath towels 3 times in our 2 weeks there.
Swimming pool was grubby & the water was so cloudy you couldn't see the bottom in the shallow end. Surroundig area was filthy with cigarette butts everywhere, nails sticking out of concrete round the pool & broken tiles round edge of pool.
The food was terrible --No variety,pasta every day with 1 other dish. What was left after the evening meal was then reheated with something else at lunch the next day. Only melon, jelly & a gooey mess for desert.All meals seemed to be made as cheaply as possible. We tried to stick the food out but after nearly a week & upset stomaches we decided to have all our meals out of the hotel. Digestive system then went back to normal.Went into Pefkos or the Hotel next door to eat.
Drinks were watered down. Wine & juices were all bag in box but were nearly all water as was the beer. They begrudged giving drinks out in glasses so changed to small plastic kiddies beakers so the would have to give as much out. Als start giving ice creams out in beakers to save on using cones !!!!!
The barman in the evening was very rude & if polish people were there he would ignore the english. The waitresses, all 3 of them never stopped working at meal times & allways had a smile for you.
Hotel had no Entertainment what so ever, even the ancient TV in the room only had 3 chanels & the only english one was BBC World News. Nothing for children, not even a play area.
Every time we had to complain about something all we got was a shrug of the shoulders as if the didn't give a dam & nothing was ever done.
We hired a car twice so we could get out of the hotel & just used it for sleeping (when we weren't getting bit) in. Used the pool in hotel next door, where we were made welcome also for snacks & meals which were very good value. Very clean too.
We have stayed in different hotels in Pefkos over the last few years & they were all 100 times better than this place with lovely people who could do enough for you. Dont let this hotel put you off Pefkos because Pefkos is a truely fantastic place -- This place is not in Pefkos thank goodness.
I would nevr stay in this place again even if THEY PAID ME TO. Needs to be bulldozed to the ground. Prisoners get better food & cleaner accomodation than we go

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