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Triq in-Nakkri, Qawra SPB 05, Malta
Near the centre of Bugibba and public transport, the Canifor Hotel is located in a quiet position, just 150 m from Qawra's seaside promenade and rocky beaches.

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B Moore
Hotel not Safe or Secure Staff Ignorant
5 years 11 months ago
Hotel is not safe or secure staff Ignorant Do Not Care
Review of Canifor Hotel

Email sent to Hotel Manager Personally Canifor Hotel
Hotel Incident
I am extremely upset and disturbed as to an incident that occurred on 16th June Saturday morning approx 2.15 am when some male knocking on my door talking broken English wanting to get into my room he knocked several times to which I eventually asked who it was, he did not answer he knocked again I was extremely frightened by this time and shouted louder he then began speaking well muttering in broken English he wanted to get in my room said he wanted to collect something I then shouted to go away this was my room, he kept muttering, I sat froze frightened to death, I then looked for the reception phone number to call the security which I called but no answer I put the phone down it then rang it was this man saying he wanted to get in my room to get something of his I shouted at him down the phone saying this was not his room and to go away and leave me alone I was calling police to which I hung up and tried calling reception twice still no reply by this time I was a total wreck not knowing what to do then at 2.45am the phone went again a man said there was this man who wanted to get into my room to collect somethings and passport as I shouted down the phone with terror in my voice asked who he was he said security I asked his name .... he replied but still I was not sure if he was security or this madman he then said this man was my partner and needed to get in room to which I replied he is not my partner I do not know him he’s been knocking on my door and I don’t have a partner I am on my own, still unsure if this was the same man trying to gain entry,I then still with agitated voice told him to call the police,I was so frightened still unsure if he would come back.That morning I told my friends I was going to reception to report what had occurred a friend came with me and she explained to( ......receiptionist waste of space) before she could get half way through explaining said you will have to see the night staff as it was not her concern and just turned and walked away ignoring us, the matter would have been reported sooner if she had the decency to have listened.Well to be quite honest to take that attitude is a disgrace this incident needed to be taken seriously and immediately not left until the Manager was on duty I thought these people were employed to protect people like me and at least have some concern for residents,I am 64 extremely upset very concerned and absolutely disgusted by the way I have been treated and ignored Disgraceful.

I would just like to mention whilst we were staying there a group of school children were also staying I can’t help thinking if this had occurred to them and the possibilities of them opening the door It haunts me, there are no locks on the inside of the doors either frightening situation for anyone.

After sending email after email to the Hotel Manager which he eventually confirmed receipt,I still have had no reply or explanation regarding this,I actually find it all very strange !

they seem to think it can be swept under the carpet but unfortunately this incident needed to be taken seriously and at least responded to.The security in this hotel is appalling Nil, I feel now having given them plenty of time to reply and explain themselves that this matter should be shown to holiday makers as to what actually happened to me in the Canifor hotel Malta

Travel operator: Sunmaster

Patricia Lomas
We found the hotel excellent value for the money we paid
7 years 1 month ago
Thoroughly enjoyed our 6 days in Malta. The hotel was only about 800 yards from the local bus station which was a bonus as we travelled on the local buses several times which cost 1.5 euros each journey.

Travel operator: 161


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