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de Fuerteventura s/n 35660 Corralejo, 35660, Spain

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11 years 3 months ago
We booked our holiday from Germany as we live there and went with a German tour Operator. However, we asked to be somewhere that fellow English were staying. I would like to say that there were a number of English there but only as a result of there holiday booking going wrong.

The accommodation I can't fault really, it was cleaned everyday apart from 2 during our whole stay.

The pool was salt water which, if you swallowed it like the children really was disgusting. You could get a sunbed mostly with out any problems.

Now, lets get down to business.

The food was absolutely terrible and considering it was all inclusive. I thought I had got the details wrong and that we were half board. Why? Well, when we went to dinner which was from 6 p.m until 9.15 p.m, we went at 7.45, there was no salad left and when I asked to have the bowl filled up. I was informed that it had all gone!!! Still with 1 1/2 hours to go. It was fish, fish, fish, and guess what...more fish everyday for both lunch and dinner. Which was either served in a sauce or grilled, but unfortunately very over cooked.

The choice for children was unacceptable, yes there was pasta and chips oh and chicken nuggets which we so salty I thought the salt pot had been emptied over them. One day there was chicken nuggets served up for breakfast!!!!!And then again at lunch. The pasta was over cooked and looked like a bowl of mush, and the chips were soggy this was at every lunch time and dinner time not just once or twice. We had to drink out of little white plastic cups, you know the kind children have at party's and that included coffee from the pool side bar.

As a result of this we were glad that the main town was within walking distance as we had no choice but to eat out. The drinks finished being served a 2300 hours, o.k. but this included water, coffee and tea...until the morning at breakfast....don't get me wrong you could still have drinks but you had to buy them. I thought that All inclusive meant All inclusive. We asked for some water for the room and were told again we could buy a bottle. Every morning we had to go to the supermarket and buy bottled water and crisps for the children as they were hungry and the hotel had no where to buy them from.

The staff were helpful although they told me when I complained about the food running out that it was being dealt with, however this was not the case.

The entertainment was all in German and although I live there I don't speak the language.

I would not recommend this hotel to anyone the only good thing going for it was the hot weather.

Travel operator: 1-2-fly

Cunningham Family
11 years 3 months ago
We travelled to Oasis Village after being overbooked by our tour operator at the Oasis Tamarindo. To say this was All-Inclusive was being optimistic, it was more like full-board with a snack thrown in!!!

The property itself was very well maintained with good sized rooms and maid service 5 days per week. The pool area was always clean and sunbeds were easy to come by, given the German monopoly in this hotel!!!

While breakfast was fine, lunch and dinner consisted of fish, fish and more fish, with the token meat dish flung in, usually either lukewarm or overcooked and everthing appeared to be cooked in a sauce!!! We like fish but to have it at lunch and dinner everyday was too much!!!

The hotel location was fine ands it was a nice walk at night to the centre, we didn't hang around the property much because of the German entertainment!!!.

Hotel staff were quite friendly and polite throughout our stay.

The entertainment was 90% German and while they did have "Mama Mia" on one night it was impossible to follow, we only understood when they were singing the Abba songs!!!

The Germans again had the monopoly on the entertainment and it seemed that the British Reps only had a slot allocated to them to do the Kids Disco at 8.30pm, and we only got the full half hour providing the German emtertainment didn't over-run!! There was Water-Polo in the afternoon but no other real events organised which was very disappointing given that it was All-Inclusive and the brochure clearly stated "day and evening entertainment"...

I would not recommend this property for the British tourist as it is very obvious that it caters for the Germans. I certainly would not stay here again unless it catered more for the Brits. On a positive note we did meet some lovely German people during our stay, but this hotel is definitely not for the Brits.


Travel operator: Direct Holidays

11 years 3 months ago
We stayed for one week at the Oasis Village in Fuertuventura after being told the Hotel Tamarindo was fully booked by our travel company We checked theis hotel on the internet beforehand and were dismayed by what was reported.

The travel company assured us the negative points were untrue and promised to send us confirmation. We never received it.

On arriving at the hotel, we cound the accommodation clean, well presented and spacious. However, towels were only changed twice and sheets once.

The hotel food was absolutely diabolical.The three types of cereal resembled hamster food and tasted like cardboard. There were only two toasters to service the whole hotel. The bacon wafatty and swimming in grease as were the fried eggs and mushrooms. The scrambled eggs were p[owdered. The butter tasted "off" and my husband saw bugs crawling all over the bread/roll basket.

The variety of meals at Lunch/Dinner was pathetic. We were constantly served fish, which I normally like, but this fish was either dry or in a sauce that gave a stomach upset and indigestion. We were also served up rabbit, liver and pork which was like a piece of scragg end. The pasta was dry and the tomato sauce watery. The other option was fish sauce, of course. One vegetable was available per session and the salad was very boring. The puddings/sweet buffet consisted of the driest and tasteless cake I have ever seen, rice pudding that was vile fruit mousse. We had to start eating out after the first few days.

Drinks in the diningroom were hit or miss. The beer and soft drinks were often flat. At the poolside bar our drinks were served in small white plastic cups which was a joke and this resulted in long queues. We were all inclusive but could only get snacks between 3.30 and 4.30pm.

The ice-cream for the kids was only available at this time as well. My girls have nut allergy and could not have it. I wanted to pay for ice-cream for them but although the hotel had a menu of about 25 ice-creams, they only stocked four which all contained nuts.

I was told by the rep to go to the Hotel Dunas as they had plenty ice-creams/lollies. Great if you are sunbathing by the pool and you have to walk 10 mins to get your poor child an ice-lolly.

The location of the hotel was good, a 10 minute walk into town and right next to the water park. Taxis were cheap and readily available. The poolside bar staff were not too happy in their jobs and were very surly. Probably fed up with the complaints they were getting. The waiters claimed they could not speak english when challenged about the flat drinks. One night we were told to "ssshhhh" by a security guard as we were quietly playing cards on our terrace. It was only midnight and we felt aggrieved by this.

The entertainment was mostly aimed at the Germans. Although assured by Direct Holidays that there was a Kids Club, there was not. We were told there was one at the Hotel Dunas which we could use. The british reps came on a couple of nights at 10.30pm and tried their best with the small amount of british guests who had waited on them coming on.

We would most definitely not visit this hotel again or travel with this travel company again after they misled us. Their all inclusive package was a joke.

Travel operator: Direct Holidays

11 years 5 months ago
We stayed in this hotel at the end of June beginning of July after being moved at the last minute from accommodation we had booked in August last year as it had been overbooked allegedly?

We had been assured that My Travel had taken on 60% of the accommodation in this hotel and reviews on this site were incorrect. While we were there, only about 3 other families were English speaking but this was changing in the few days just before we left. Not much good for my children who were desperate to make friends.

The apartments were very good with plenty of space and they were very clean with maids in most days and very prompt maintenance on reporting faults.

The complex was very nice and no problem getting beds at any time of day often with an umbrella.

However the food has to be the worst I have ever had in a 3 star hotel. There was so little choice at any meal that after 10 days hoping it would improve we gave up and went into the resort to eat. Salads which most hotels provide in abundance were limited to 3 mixed salads and an endless supply of fish. I like fish but when that is all that is on offer for 2 weeks and only very over cooked poor quality fish at that you get a bit fed up. My children are good eaters and were able to get chips and pasta even though the sauce was watery. Deserts were also totally uninspired so no worry about overeating on this all inclusive holiday. In general the provision of all inclusive was poor at best and totally miserly at worst. There were no snacks available in the am and in the afternoon snacks only lasted for 1 hour. Ice creams were only available for this hour.

The entertainment was probably fine if you were German and understood what was going on.

Travel operator: Direct Holidays

Maggie & Phil Haughin
12 years 5 months ago
A clean complex but unfortunately this was the only thing going for the place! Food left alot to be desired, fish, fish and more fish which was never hot, very limited choice for children and the food was never varied.

Entertainment was based around the German visitors which unfortunately none of us Brits could understand.

The sight of 6 cranes didn't add to the panoramic view of the area as this is all you could see were these accompanied by the noise you could have swore you were in an episode of auf wiedersein pet set in dusseldorf!
Unfortunnatly we didn't get anything for staring in this episode.

This resort would be enjoyed by all members of the building trade if you fancy a bit of a busmans holiday but not for anyone else!!

Travel operator: direct holidays

Rees Family
12 years 6 months ago
We spent a thoroughly enjoyable weeks holiday at the Oasis Village, which far exceeded our expectations, having read such dreadful reviews about the hotel!!!

This was our first all inclusive holiday, we normally holiday on a half board basis in a 4* plus hotel, but having to pay adult price for our oldest child, we thought we would give all inclusive a go, and we were not disappointed.

The majority of holiday makers were German, but this didn't bother us, but if you like "Brit" type evening entertainment then this isn't the place for you.

The Staff were all extremely friendly and very helpful. My husband is a Coeliac and has to stick to a strict gluten free diet, he discussed this with the restaurant manager on our arrival, and was advised that there would be plenty of suitable food for him to eat, but if he had a problem, which he didn't as there was adequate choice, he would arrange for something to be cooked for him.

The choice of food was always varied,at lunch and dinner there were plenty of salads, grilled meat or fish, casserole type dish, pasta and sauce, chips or potatoes, vegetables, lots of desserts and ice cream and always lots of fresh bread.
Breakfast was a little more boring, bacon or frankfurters, fried or scrambled eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, salads and cold meats and cheeses and lots of fruit and yoghurt, fresh bread and sweet pastries.
The afternoon snack was not bad, and had a varied choice of pizza, beefburgers, chips, frankfurters, fish fingers, and always sandwiches, salad, ice cream, sweet pastries and coffee.

The variety of drinks was good, plenty of cold soft drinks, mineral water, beer, the usual locally branded spirits, sangria, and a choice of three cocktails, two alchoholic and one non. There was also self service soft drinks, beer and wine in the dining room at lunch and dinner.

One of my children also mislaid their favourite soft toy in the room, and we assumed it had been taken with the dirty bed linen. We contacted reception that night, and they said that they would do everything possible to find the toy - First thing in the morning he was returned freshly laundered and dried!!!! - Great Service!!!

The room we were allocated had a fabulous view of the pool, and was very spacious and cleaned thoroughly, towel and linen changes were as advised. We also had an empty mini bar in the room that kept my childs chocolate nice and cool.

We had no crawlies in our room, however, we did use mosquito plugs, which can also be hired from reception.
The pool area was fabulous, we could have a sunbed at anytime of the day, and you could hire mattresses and towels from reception if needed. The pool has to be the cleanest and nicest pool we have been to for a long time, although it was very cold!!!!!


Travel operator: Direct Holidays

Rheane And Gareth
12 years 6 months ago
We went on an all inclusive basis at the Oasis village.

We were quite surprised when we got the as we arrived at 10pm and the reception staff had organised a cold meal for all of us in the resturant(salad salami and cheese) which was a lovely gesture as most of us had been delayed on a flight to get there.

Well that was the best meal we had all our stay. The food is ok if you like fish, as that is all that seems freshly cooked (I wouldnt eat anything not freshly cooked as the dining room doesn't have insect protection and a few flies were seen crawling over food and that is what I saw so where/what else had been happening).

Also I think a bit of food contamination could go on here as she uses the same tongs to throw on raw fish and then picks up cooked fish to serve to guest. Soup is only served in the evening and the only thing I can describe it as is boiled lunch leftovers. (I think once we had tomato soup during our 2 week stay). The snack bar is also a joke it is open for 1 hour in the afternoon I have never been to an AI hotel before that only open a snack bar for 1 hour and we go AI every year.

Breakfast was passable (my kids filled up on frankfurters and beans as all they fancied in afternoon and evening was pasta or chips and they got fed up of that). Entertainment was such a laugh not becasue it was good just because it was embarrasing Saturday night entertainment was 3 packs of cards and a few baord games I kid you not! and the board games were in German so the English couldn't join in.

Oh yes and has been said this is a German populated hotel with on 5 other english families during our stay but the german people are very nice and freindly and I now realise that it is a myth about Germans and sunlougers as you can always find some in very good locations (under parasol/next to pool/both).

There is a kids club ran by the German tour operator 1-2-fly but all the staff can speak english and you children are very welcome at the club runs 10.30-12 and again from 2.30 - 5.30 (or 8pm if you book them in for kids dinner we did a few time as it was bliss a child free afternoon). The kids really enjoyed it there and its free unlike the kids club and the Oasis Dunas (down the round where you'll find the reps as they wont come to this hotel).

Rooms are large and apartment style it is obvious this used to be a self catering complex as some still have mini kitchens in them all have living room/bedroom, and a separate bedroom and a bathroom, rooms cleaned frequently (bar 2 days a week) towels changed daily and sheets changed most days.

Hotel location is very close to the baku waterpark (next door) and a 10 min walk to the main walk with all the shops, such a shame about the building site next door as you did get the occasional shadow of a crane going over you as you are sun bathing but not really bothering by the noise.

Got to say pay the few euros and spend the day at the dunes beach it is beautiful soft sand and crystal blue (warm) water unlike the swimming pool at the hotel which is freezing.

If you fancy excursions dont do the volcano tour to lanzarote if you have children I feel this wasn't told to us and we booked it as our youngest has a thing for volcanoes you spend most of the day on a coach you get out to see the volcano resturant (altho not eat there) taste wine (great for adults but not child friendly) and eat lunch then down the the Jameos del Agua (underground lake with little white crabs in all very nie but kids got so bored.

Do try Oasis Park zoo trip as this is excellent you get a camel ride to which is fun even for gareth who has mobility probs and needs a stick.

Not sure I'd go back to this hotel unless some changes were made.

Travel operator: Direct holidays

12 years 7 months ago
The property is German owned and run for and by the Germans. All the entertainment is in German as is the limited poolside entertainment during the day. We went with Direct who mentioned that there would be one evenings entertainment in English. It was cancelled twice due to the German reps lack of preparation.

The food is basic, breakfast is I am sorry to say vile, you are offered beans, mushrooms, fried egg and German hotdog. The beans are stone cold, the mushrooms are swimming, I mean absolutely swimming in grease as are the eggs. The hotdogs are rubber. Cross contamination everywhere. Also offered ham, cheese, bread fruit. Flies everywhere.

Lunch, nothing is cooked in the kitchens, everything is brought in from a supplier except what they put on the big grills, tuna, beef, tuna, beef or tuna...well you get the message. Everything else is luke warm at best. Anything left over gets put out at afternoon for SNACKS. Anything left from there gets a sauce added and back out at night.

The site of the hotel is in the middle and hard beside a BEIRUT BOMB SITE, the building work and noise beside the complex starts at 6:30 am until 18:00hrs, Direct should have informed ourselves and the other English speaking guests but they never.

The reps are never ever at the complex - you have to treck 1000m to find them at another complex Oasis Dunas. All in all we made 5 registered complaints as did EVERY OTHER ENGLISH SPEAKING holiday maker.

Currently in the process of suing Direct. I had informed the reps midway through the first week that there was extreme hostility towards English speaking guests mainly the reception area and bar staff. They kept on trying to get us out at midnight even though it shut at 1am.

Eventually one night a guy appeared shouting obscenities at us, we had no idea who he was - turned have out he was the security guard whom the bar staff had called to throw us out at midnight. Then an English speaking guy who works on reception appeared and called us English pigs and to f.... off back home. There were 8 of us sitting, a couple from Newcastle in their 60's, a family from Yorkshire with a kid of 12 and my wife and I.

In all my travels I have never found this behaviour anywhere. The reps addressed the issue the night before we left - supposedly. We were also informed that they have put in 'disguised' reps to monitor the situation. I believe that First Choice have pulled out from the resort?

The kids get well catered for, eh sorry the German kids, again everything in German. The lassie who we met explained that the clubs were unsatisfactory for the un-German amongst us. I asked the German head rep to speak English to the girl, they speak pretty good English but he said that they don't have to - nice.

In my opinion totally unsuitable for kids and sorry to say adults alike.

The beaches of the dunes are great no shade or toilets etc but still we got some sanity there after the hotel noise and quality of food became too much.

We were all inclusive - big mistake. The drinks are watered down- some are ok still. The hygiene behind the serving staff and bar is disgusting. I met a 'chef' in the gents coming out of the locked cubicle still with his uniform on and gloves. He then proceeded to fry tuna.

The rooms are spacious - hollow - but spacious. TV channels are all German except sky news. We never experienced any but there are mosq. all over the walls - dead. Some people we spoke to said their rooms were fly infested - ours was not. Several people moved rooms 3 times and some left after a week.

We encountered an elderly Liverpool couple who were self catering. They ordered food at lunch time and it was different quality to ours, hot edible and looked good to eat.

The pool is salt water, pretty cold even though the temps were 75-80's.

The rooms have no aircon - I see that you are going in the mid season so I would think they would be oven boxes.

Travel operator: direct

13 years 2 months ago
If your British, go to the Oasis Dunas across the road,

The Oasis village only caters for Germans. Food, entertainment very little English spoken.

As for the Thomas Cook rep, forget it,you will never find her.

Travel operator: Thomas Cook

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