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Hacienda del Sol Apartments

75 of 82 hotels in Playa de las Americas

3 out of 5 from 45 reviews
2 stars
Av del Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta, 5, 38660 Playa de las Americas, Spain

45 Reviews

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12 years 5 months ago
well we paid for half board and what we got was basic pub meals,the food was ok but this hotel should not be advertised as half board!We arrived very late at nite and when we got to the room we were instantly hit by the smell of damp a horrible foisty smell.the beds were actually wet with damp.the next morning we opened all doors and windows to try and air the room but it didnt help!the switches were hanging from the walls,there were cobwebs everywhere.the location of the hotel is about the only good thing,we ddnt expect any more than a basic hotel but it was definatley unlivable in there with a child and husband with asthma,wefound ourselves a new hotel and paid to move that day.the pool bar staff were nice but dont expect to get reception staff when you want them!i can honestly say that i will never stay at this hotel again,and i strongly advise people to book elsewhere!

Travel operator: thomson

12 years 10 months ago
This had to be my worst holiday because the accomadation put such a downer on things. On arrival we had to wait 2hours for a room to be cleaned, we had been up all night and just wanted to get changed.

The room was in very poor condition and quite dirty, i didnt want to sit down let alone sleep in the beds.

The hotel food wasnt to my likeing. Hotel staff were very rude and ignorant. There was no entertainment.

The rooms at night were so hot and you had to rent a fan. Cockroaches in the room everynight. There was a sign in reception saying no noise after 10pm, people next door to us had music on full blast till about 3-4am and nothing was done about this. People were also jumping across the balconys at night so we didnt really feel safe.

There was no room at the pool- there were about 20 beds that were taken every day so we didnt even go down there.

Travel operator: thomas cook

Carol Stacey
12 years 10 months ago
My husband and i stayed here in 2002 as a couple. Loved it, great food, restaurant and spanish feel.
Fast forward to 2009. God it has changed! The lovely restaurant has gone as has the spanish feel. The level of cleanliness left a lot to be desired! And the noise! We had a balcony above the pool bar and it was non stop, loud pumping music from midday to midnight, and then noise, shouting, swearing, running around the pool area til 5am or later. We had 4 young children with us, it was hell no place for families.

On the up side, Antonio who worked there in 2002 was still there. What a great guy! He serenaded me while i was on my balcony and made the best cocktails ever! It was great location for the beach too and restaurants, shops, bars etc.
Our 5 year old son became seriously ill while there (not related to the accomodation i hasten to add!) and spent 6 days of our stay in hospital. When Antonio arrived at work to be told this, he drove straight to the hospital to see us, and translated what the doctors were saying which was a godsend, and both he and the hotel manager bent over backwards to help us, let us use the phone free of charge to phone uk on many occasions, gave us a telly for free (normally charged for) and offered lifts, or to get anything we might need.

The only reason i wouldnt stay again is its not a place for children, but for young couples and groups basic cheap accomodation, and a clubbers paradise! If thats what you like its fab!

Travel operator: independant

13 years 7 months ago

Travel operator: COSMAS

13 years 8 months ago
I was a little bit worried about staying in these apartments as I hadd read some very worrying reviews about them.

Well, I didn't need to worry.

The apartments are very basic and what you'd expect for the price we paid.

We checked in at about 22:30 on a Tuesday Night and had no problems checking in and getting a Safe. The safe was the first thing I requested after hearing about robberies etc.. This was very reasonably priced - 14 euros and a 5 euros refundable deposit. Only 2 Euros per day to ensure that your money and belongings are safe.

The apartments were cleaned everyday except Sunday and we were given fresh towels when requested. The staff were very friendly and very accomodating. We had a little problem with my friends lock breaking on her suitcase whilst it was locked. I visited reception and they sent a maintenance man within 10 minutes to help us remove the lock.

We had to be out of the apartment at 11:00am on our last day and were not leaving until 7pm, but we were able to use a courtesy room for 20 minutes on our last day to freshen up.

All in all I think the apartments are perfect for anybody wanting somewhere close to all the nightlife.

Travel operator: Sunmasters

14 years 2 months ago
Apartaments are in very noisy place, far away from clean beaches. The beach near by is unclean and overfloaded, be aware of thiefs and very kind of sellers.
All you can expect from hotle is: very hard and old twin beds, covered by holed and spoted sheets, weared out non recognisibale blanket; cockroaches, dark room cause of very interested - gum looked currtains, and cause of it you can not get enougth fresh air...

Bed linings are changed every four (4) days, the towels too. On Your very insist demand (for example after three time request) you get the fresh ones. So if you are staying for a week, the sheets will be changed such hot whether...? The kitchenete is not suitable to cook, besides food store is quite far away, so its cheaper to eat outside. I can reccomend one the best restoran near by, - some german restaurant along the street before the beach line.
The most awfull thing, - that you can not sleep well in the morning: cleaning stuff loudly are cleaning pool area outside from 7 a.m., the dirty water runs stright to the pool...) Good luck. The worst holidays ever.

Travel operator: Solia

15 years 1 month ago
Considering this is a 2 Star establishment, I would find it very difficult to knock anything.
Previous bad reports left me wondering if we had made a seriuos mistake booking here.

Truth is
The cleaning staff were in every day apart from Sunday.
Towels were changed daily if left on floor or in bath.
Sheets were changed twice a week or more frequent by request.

And generally the studio was kept at a high standard throughout holiday.

Being 6'2'' and the bath being about 3'6'' in length caused some humourous comments, but the showers worked fine (although they are the more economical mixer tap type).
If you are the type to complain about the freshly painted white walls having dripped on the brown skirting board in one place or get really upset about a cracked tile on the balcony / veranda.This probably isn't the place for you.
But remembering you have booked a two star holiday, expect what you've paid for.

We only saw one cocky the whole holiday which the wife quickly despatched to heaven with one of my size 10's.
But.. bear in mind our visit was in April when there are not many around.

If you keep the room free of crumbs and bits of late night pizza this will obviously pursuade the little mites to go next door.

The hotel food was ok but nothing to write home about.
Much the same as the majority of PDLA.

Hotel location is unbelievable. 40 paces from Wigan Pier or 90 from Veronicas so not far to walk if your legs are on the wobble.

After saying that no noise can be heard from rooms.
The only noise your likely to come across are other holiday makers enjoying themselves on the way to their rooms.

April is a month when most visitors are over 30 so you can sleep at night. Although we were informed this is a popular site for the 18-30 groups at other times of the year. So expect to sleep on the beach during the day at other times of the year.

Hotel staff responded to our every request and were polite and helpful.

Entertainment, there was entertainment every night, but of a quality you would not be worried about missing. Much like some on offer is the cheaper restaurants around and about.

The pool is very small (very) and there are not enough sunbeds for the complex, but if you are a beach dweller you will not be bothered. Playa de la Vista (the best beach) is only 5 mins walk or 3-4 euro in a cab.

The nearest beach is behind Veronicas and is black sand.
Food and drink generally is no longer as cheap as it used to be, so think hard about whether you want to book self catering in Tenerife. It may be wise to upgrade to half board or full board in a 3 star.

This hotel in my mind is for people who are going away on the cheap and are likely to cook all their own meals. We used it purely as a base and went out to eat every meal, thus we would probably been better off booking half board elsewhere based on prices paid.

Would we recommend to Friends ?

Not if they had kids who wanted to play by the pool all day or be entertained on complex.

Not if they were worried about the colour of the bathroom tiles or were very fussy about decor.

This is a clean place but I think the decorators were half canned when they worked.

Not if they were looking for a quiet holiday between June and September.

But if your budget is tight and you know what to expect from a two star, this is the place for you.

Would we visit again ?
Yes, at the right time of year for our age group.

Travel operator: First Choice

Becki & Kirsty
15 years 4 months ago
This hotel was amazing, from the moment we got there. There were 4 of us, all friends. We went from the 16th January - 30th January, self catering.

The weather was brilliant the first week, got up to about 30c it was really good. The second week, weather was abit more cooler but wasn't a problem.

This hotel was really nice, when we got there, we got up-graded to a three bedroomed room, as we was ment to have 2 seperate rooms, which this turned out brilliant. We had a really big balcony which had sun-loungers, table and chairs. It was really good.

The maids came Monday - Saturday, during the afternoon, always tidied out rooms, kitchen, bath - room, living area, also dining area. Facilities were brilliant, as kitchen was good as it had hobs, as we didn't always go out for meals.

The bar, balcony view, was very nice, staff were always polite and happy to help, always made us laugh. Food was very nice, also cheap. Drinks were also quite cheap too.

The pool area, balcony view, was nice with sun-loungers half way round the pool, so people could get through. The pool wasn't very big, but big enough for us to have fun in it. The pool water was absoutly freezing, but didn't matter as it was very hot weather.

The hotel located in a lively area, near the bars, but however, we could not hear a thing.

The entertainment was not that good, it was on most nights, mainly kareoke. But not that good as there wasn't alot of poeople, around that time.

Yes I would visit here again. Yes I would come back to these appartments. It was brilliant. Best time ever.

Travel operator: first choice

Roger & Anita
15 years 6 months ago
The Hacienda del Sol apartments were disappointing.

No day light in room due to many trees and bushes. Cockroaches in kitchen and bathroom if that is what you can call it?

Entertainment and pool was poor my paddling pool was bigger and I have had more entertainment watching paint dry.

If you would like a very noisy holiday this is your hotel.

Travel operator: cosmos

15 years 9 months ago
The Hacienda Del Sol is cockroach infested dump.

I woke up with cockroaches crawling over me in the bed.
In the bar/pool area in the evening, it was crawling with cockroachs.
We couldn't take food to our rooms so as not to encourage the cockroaches.

Self catering facilities were poor, with a fridge, two hobs, and a kettle.

The rooms are only serviced every other day and the towels and bedding changed only twice a week.

The pool area was hosed down once in a fortnight, the sunbeds were not hosed at all.The pool was dirty consequently.

The food in the restaurant was quite good. We ate there a few times until the cockroach situation became more apparent.

For anyone who thinks that it is ok to spot a cockroach, it is to spot the odd one. BUT not on this huge scale and in your bed.

We have cockroaches in the UK too, but you very rarely see any.

I have stayed in some two star apartments but never experienced this filth.

I would not reccomend this hotel to anyone.

The staff were helpful and friendly.


Travel operator: Sunmaster

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