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I am asking this for someone who is going to Marmaris,they have asked which money to take,as she has been told that sterling is good to use over there..like more for your money etc
what is best??
many thanks

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Just read back one or two posts on this thread!
You should exchange and spend Turkish lira as GBP, Euro or USD is higher. I mean when you buy sthg like 0.25 lira, it is better to have lira than sterling or euro.

Try to make exchanges during the working hours (09.00-12.00 ; 13.30-17.30). At the weekends or after the working hours there becomes a huge difference. And also it is better to make the exchanges at the banks or at the airport than the exchange shops...
we always exchange at bars n restaurants...much better rate

Sandra :sun2
Also ask your rep we got the best rate with our thomas cook rep in may we got 2.32 lira
Hi There
Where generally is the best place to exchange money etc....Is in Banks, Hotels, or Exgange Booths, and what sort of exchange is applicable right now.

Many Thanks

Hi there,
I always find it is best to just draw out the money from the ATMs. They have many HSBC ones. If ypu have Nationwide it is free. Otherwoiose the banks give the best rates and the hotels the worst.
Love Nikki x x
Depending on which resort you are going to, Icmeler for example the best palce to change your English notes is usually some of the small supermarkets, who give a better rate

what is the current exchange rate out in Marmaris?? I can get 2.19 at home at the moment.
Hi Greenshoes ....I have seen online today 2.34 tl to the pound ths was the sell price ;)
I keep seeing that too but can't seem to buy it anywhere near close to that. Does anyone know the best place on the high street or should I just exchange while there??
A good place to compare curreny exchange rates is Money Saving Expert.

where are the best places to change sterling in Marmaris right now ?
Going to Alanya in 3 weeks just wondering what is best to change £100 into Lira retuning 230Lira in England
Then take the rest in GBP travellers cheques to Alanya.
Which place is best to exchange in Alanya?
Never been before is there a lot of banks and exchange booths?

Many Thanks Scott
Hi - just getting some english notes to take with us on holiday. Are english £5 notes accepted in Turkey?
English £5 are accepted. Depending on what part of Turkey you are going they even accept £1 coins and often give them back to you in your change
Hi everyone.

I've read through most of these posts but to clarify:

Rather than take a load of English cash (bound to lose it!) i can draw stirling from a cash machine in Turkey (Olu Deniz??) and then exhange that? I know i'll get the 2% charge from my UK bank but better that than lose any. Or is it better to draw out Lira from the machine?
It's best just to draw lira straight from the machine ;) that's what I always do.
If you use the ATM's in Turkey to withdraw Lira, what exchange rate does it work on, would I get the rates avail in Turkey or would it be the rates back home, if so would it not be better to withdraw sterling and then changing to Lira, not really sure what to do, don't want to carry load of sterling notes with me just incase, would rather just use the ATM's, I also think that most Insurance companies only cover upto £500 cash if the worst was to happen.
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