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An amazing hotel with fantastic staff and amenities
13 years 5 months ago
Just returned from 10 days at the RRBR with my partner and the first thing we did on arrival home was to check teletext holidays to see when we can afford to return. It was probably the best holiday we've ever enjoyed. This is due entirely to the wonderful staff and the hospitality that we received. If you are reading this review then you are obviously thinking of booking this hotel, I would recommend that you do. If you want a pleasant surprise don't read the rest of my review.

On arrival we were taken by golf cart to our room, this is a huge complex. The room was fantastic. Very spacious, huge bed which is the most comfortable hotel bed I've ever slept in. The room was spotlessly clean. Bathroom equally clean with a Jacuzzi style shower. We had a ground floor suite in block 2. Nice spacious veranda overlooking a discrete pool.

There are numerous pools with the main ones running through the centre of the complex. The main pool by the beach has a swim up bar. Our block had its own pool which was lovely as only two other couples used it and we had it to ourselves most of the time. Most families chose to use the main pool or the pools with slides. Our pool attendant, Naser, was on hand every morning to put the umbrella up and wash the table, he even used to put our towels out for us. He would come by every so often to empty the ashtray and check whether we needed anything.
There is an extensive beach with many sunbeds. There are also many umbrellas which seemed to shade the whole beach as they were so close together. Also, there wasn't really enough room to move the sunbeds around to either follow the sun or shade and it was very crowded.

Meals are taken in the main restaurant although you can opt to eat in one of the other three themed restaurants (twice per stay), the Italian (how can they get spaghetti Bolognese so wrong?), The Asian (this was very good) or the Oriental. Outside is a barbecue/grill area which provides omelettes and fried eggs at breakfast and in the evenings chicken/beef/fish. There is a huge array of food available. Always a vast selection of bread (baked on the premises), yes you can get a version of an English fry up but no bacon. They have an area which they will cook pasta to your liking, a carvery and a dessert display to die for. There also seemed to be a never ending doughnut counter. If you love seafood (as I do) there is a restaurant overlooking the beach. You have to pay for this one. There are five bars and we spent most of our time in the evenings in the food court bar.

The grounds around the resort are immaculately manicured. Our room cleaner, Samah, kept our room clean and changed the sheets and towels regularly. He also made towel sculptures everyday on the bed and a spectacular one on our last night in the bathroom.

Every member of staff was pleasant and always said hello with a smile. The hospitality of the staff is a credit to this hotel which is why we would go back.

Thank you to the wonderful staff for their outstanding hospitality, you made us feel like Royalty!

14 years 2 months ago
Visited the Rehana Royal Beach resort with my partner for a week in february just to get a week in the sun, fed up with the cold winter here in the uk. I was initially tentative about visiting egypt, especially on an all inclusive basis as i had heard many reports of people getting upset stomachs but the deal we got seemed to good to turn down & we had no problems at all. in fact the resort was always clean & the food on offer was good, decent selection in the buffet restaurant & had a lovely meal in the italian restaurant & thankfully no upset stomach. We enjoyed the food but if you were staying for a fortnight it might get a bit samey. The resort is in Nabq bay & is a really short transfer from the airport - the surrounding landscape/seascape is beautiful & the hotel grounds & gardens are brilliantly maintained. The staff were always pleased to help & warm & welcoming & i always think friendly staff can make a huge difference to a holiday. The resorts facilities are good, always plenty to do & brlliant snorkelling, evening entertainment was ok. I would definitely visit this hotel again, it changed many of my preconceptions about sharm el sheikh.

Travel operator:

15 years ago
Recently my partner took me away on holiday, booked through Sunsave (Sharm El Sheik, Royal Rehana Beach and Spa). We were there to celebrate my 21st birthday. We were completely disgusted and dissappointed with the whole experiance.
On our arrival we were overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the area and hotel.
On the second day My partner was experiancing stomach ache and severe diarreah and was confined to the room.
On the third day of arriving I began to feel unwell and started suffering from stomach cramps and severe diarreah. We each tried taking immodium and assumed it was the food or the heat and just drank plenty of water. After a week my symptoms had not gone and if anything were ten times worse, so we made the decision to visit the doctor on site of the hotel.
He informed me I was suffering from dehydration and completed several blood tests. The blood tests showed that I had E.Coli. We had only left the hotel once by this time due to our feeling unwell! We then were told I had to stay in the room and out of the sun for a few days whilst on several different drips issued by the doctor. My partner on the other hand was feeling okay by this time and the diarreah and stomach aches were coming and going.
After 2 days he gave me a course of anti-biotics which I completed and still felt unwell. However by this time the doctor had been coming to the room demanding a total of 825 english pounds! We had already given the doctor 2000 Egyption Pounds on the first day we saw him as we were unsure of the excess and he demanded money to complete my treatment. He came to the room with 4 other members from the clinic whilst I for one was in a vunerable state and of course my partner was still shaken from the news of hearing I had E.Coli and could have very well ended up in a coma from my temprature, the blood pressure and bacteria growing.
We had no choice but to pay and figure it out with the insurance company after (this was extreamely intimidating!).
After this the doctor returned in the morning to complete the medication course and collect details of the insurance. We gave him this and expected it to be the end of it.
Everyday at least twice he was calling our room or barging in or stopping us while walking around the resort asking for money saying the insurance company wouldnt pay (even though we had called the insurance company for confirmation about 20 times by this stage!) After days of hassel and hearing he hadnt received the insurance guarentee I was forced to call them yet again and request the guarentee be sent to the general manager and we would take it down there ourselves.
We complained to the manager for everything (and to be honest as helpfull as he tried to be i dont think he had a clue what he was talking about even though he said he had many cases of this before!).
The manager came down to the clinic with me and my partner, accompanied by two other guests staying at the hotel (they were english and had had a lot more experiance with this type of thing than us) and they tried to defuse the situation. After a heated arguement in the clinic, and being ignored and intterupted several times by the very rude and by this time frustrating doctor, he suddenly decided to try and tear the guarentee up infront of us saying he didnt trust them and cut the bill by 50% demanding to be paid by us immediately. We again called the insurance company and they agreed to reimburse us on return to the U.K.
On one occassion my partner was in the swimming pool when he suddenly jumped in pain, when I asked what was wrong he went under the water and came back up with a big piece of glass which he had trodden on! (This was actually the fully bottom part of a drinking glass with sharred edges!!)
The whole holiday was a complete joke and ruined not only my birthday but our first holiday away together, after months and months of saving and looking forward to it.
I would like to point out that afterwards we felt I could not go back to the doctor again and felt very uneasy so waited until our return to see a british doctor at Sir Robert Peel Hospital.
The hotel itself should be investigated and put on holidays from hell as far as we are concerned (if this happens contact us!).
We missed our 2 weeks holiday that we were fully entitled to.
At one point the hotel manager actually asked me and my partner not to tell other guests about what had happened as we were damaging their reputation!

Travel operator: sunsave

15 years 5 months ago
Our 2 week holiday experience at the Rehana Royal Beach & Spa Resort was absolutely wonderful (6th to 20th November). We'd gone hoping for hot sunny days, rest and relaxation - and we got it all.

Although the resort is still unfinished, none of the still ongoing building work affected us. But once totally completed, this resort will rival the best that there is in the whole of Sharm!

ROOM: Our room was large & spacious with large balcony from where we had sea views with Tiran Island as a backdrop. The bathroom had a super power shower that couldn't be faulted. Hairdryers, safes and fridges are all provided. The air con is fabulous - and needed. Take your own travel kettle if you like your early morning brew! [All rooms are either on ground, 1st or 2nd floor, with either a terrace or balcony.]

FOOD: In the main restaurant, food was buffet-style. It was plentiful and fresh. They added some freshly barbequed meat on some nights - this suited the carnivores like myself down to the ground! There are currently 2 al le carte restaurants, Italian & Oriental, which currently only have a set menu. We were so content with the main buffet restaurant so we didn't try these. [More restaurants are in the process of being built.] When we first arrived the tables were not being cleared quickly enough, but this situation improved within days.

There is also a Pool Bar where hot snacks, ie burger & chips, are served at lunchtime, and pancakes served from around 4.00pm. All drinks from here are - quite appropriately for safety reasons - served in plastic cups.

POOLS: We were totally spoilt for the number of pools available. All were unheated, but great for swimming and cooling off. There were 2 pools with slides for children, 1 main "quiet" pool and 1 main "noisy" pool with various activities either in it or around it. [Water polo, aerobics, dance (including lessons) darts, volleyball & boulles (on the beach nearby). There were also other, smaller pools - and another pool is due to open in December. The pools were all extremely clean.
Fresh, large, beach/pool towels are available daily from either of the 2 "Towel Stations".

BEACH: The beach has plentiful sun loungers with permanent-style umbrellas.

JETTY: The jetty is a solid construction and easily accessible from the beach. The sea is quite shallow until the end of the jetty, when there is a huge drop. Absolutely ideal for snorkellers. The fish are fabulous, but found the coral a bit disappointing (not surprising after snorkelling at The Great Barrier Reef!). There were quite a few days when the red flag flew as the sea could get a tad choppy, but you could get in the shallower parts (being careful not to walk on the live coral). Sea shoes are a must, but you can buy them in the local shops for about

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