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14 years 1 month ago
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Travel operator: none

14 years 9 months ago
Food at the Sonesta Club was a hit or miss one day you had lots of choices next there were none. The service from the waiters were excellant and the drinks available were wine beer water and soft drinks all from bottles not from mixer taps.
The hotel was spotless i had no complaints the rooms were cleaned every day with clean sheets and towels, my only gripe was that some days after sun bathing until 6pm our rooms were just being cleaned luckily we had 2 rooms so could go the one while the other was being cleaned.
It is a good 20 minute walk to Namaa bay from our hotel which i found to warm to walk in we used the hotel bus and paid our bill the next day it was 17.50 Egyptian pounds return.
Entertainment was very poor the worst i have had in a hotel. The entertainment crew put up notices for day time but never tried to find people to attend my son only played water polo the last few days. the childrens disco consisted of 5 songs the same every night.Nothing for 12 - 16 year olds.
The pools were all good we went to the one next to the big slides we tipped the pool guy 2$ every day and we had 5 sun beds with towels and a shade every morning no getting up early every morning to find beds.
The bars serving food were okay but if you are in a group and one wants pizza and the other wants burger then you have to go to different bars it would be better if they gave the same food from every bar.
We all had a bit upset stomach well exept my son who never ate in the main restaurants but got the tablets from the pharmacy and were all fine quickly.
We would visit this hotel again but what puts us of is the flight i hate travelling and 5 plus hours was just to much for me. i also like to have the shops and bars a little bit closer to me.

Travel operator: Thomas Cook

Dennis Scott
14 years 11 months ago
I can honestly say, that in my 76 years of vacationing, The SONESTA CLUB RESORT, Sharm el SHEIKH was the most disappointing holiday that I have ever had to endure, and considering that I take at least 3 holidays a year.
On entering the resort there are No Thomas Cook, representative's to meet you. The
reception area is crowded where you are given a key and wrist band, and have to find your
own room in a very large complex with a capacity of over 2000 holiday makers.
On finding the room you become aware that there are no windows; apart from a 9 x 14
inch frosted panel in the toilet. You then discover that the lighting was so poor, that it is
impossible to read a book, unless you have a working knowledge of Braille!
I immediately telephoned the Reception to request a change of room. Only to be informed
that I must see my Thomas Cook representative, who was not on the premises.
My Son and I dined out that evening. On our return around midnight, we discovered that
there was no drinking water in our room. The mini bar was totally empty and there was no
room service. My Son went to the reception to enquire about water, as by this time we
were slightly dehydrated after the flight and heat. He was informed that we should have
collected water from the restaurant at midday. Considering that we did not arrive until 1800
hours, this would have been difficult?
It was now my turn to get out of bed and go to the reception. Only to be told the same
rubbish. I then asked to see the Manager or the Thomas Cook representative, who had
still not been seen in the Resort since our arrival. Finally, I demanded to speak to a Senior
Manager and refused to leave reception without water. By this time I was joined by 2 other
parties all demanding water. We finally received a bottle of water per person and told we
would have to pay extra for this, as it was out of hours? From this conversation I could
envisage I had arrived at a third rate Time-share with the guests traipsing about the Resort
with bottles of water!
I shall now relate a summary and description of the facilities of this resort for your
The Resort: Is well laid out and very clean, and the staff generally are very helpful. The
claim that the Beach is 10 to 15 minutes walk is correct. You cross over a main dual
carriage way, and enter the beach area through a very grand entrance of the 5 Star
Sonesta Beach Resort. Once inside, you walk down to the beach itself and low and behold
you feel that you must have taken a wrong turn. As there before your very eyes, you
believe that you are in the Gaza Strip at one of the Refugee Camps!
I have never ever, seen a beach so packed with sun loungers and in a very uneven area
packed in tiers. A couple from our Resort, walking behind us observed this vista of
distaste and immediately left in disgust.
We then decided to go to the Health Club in our resort, but even though we were All
Inclusive you had to pay to use the facilities. Apart from the Gymnasium that you are
informed is free. Taking into account that the Resort cater for over 2000 people, you are
stunned to discover that the Gymnasium facilities cater for (4) FOUR People! At one time.
Which comprises of a Multi Gym for One person at a time. A Walker and a Step up
Machine that does not work!
For the first (5) Five days in the resort there was no entertainment. This problem reach a
crisis when more than 20 people in my presence complained to the elusive Thomas Cook
Representative, because there was nothing to do in the evenings. Ultimately, they and
many other guests were given

Travel operator: Son

Gordon & Maggie
15 years 7 months ago
Sonesta Club hotel is about 10 mins drive from Sharm airport,on the main road into Naama Bay,and directly opposite Sinai Grand Casino.It's decorated in the moorish style,very well laid out,and constantly being cleaned by someone.Once through the reception area you come to the restaurant terrace & stage area. Beyond this is the snack bar & the first of two pool areas.This pool area is on 2 levels,with a max depth of about 1.53mtr in the lower level,& a seperate toddler pool in more shaded area.There are 2 small wet slides from the upper to lower levels at the shallower end (0.5mtr).This is the noisier & livelier of the two pool areas,with music at full boom from 10am to midnight.Walk towards the rear of the complex,past the Sonesta Health Club,& you'll find the second (bigger) pool area & big water flumes.The 3 water flumes are in a seperate pool,& consist of a straight chute (steep!),an open twister,& an enclosed twister.Access is controlled by the attendant at the top,& gate is locked when not in use.The freeform pool area is again divided into two levels,with a seperate shaded toddler pool area.There is a poolside snack bar,& this is definitely the quieter of the two pool areas.For plane spotters - this is an ideal location,right under the flightpath into Sharm airport,but not enough noise to disturb the sunseekers.During our 2 week stay,the only real entertainment was the Tuesday night Egyptian Night (belly dancers,whirling dirvishes,etc) at the stage area.Other nights were basically the hotel's foreign entertainment team - sorry, "Animation Team" as they're called ('cos it's so wooden?) - getting guests involved in "It's-a-Knockout" style games.It took me a few days to realise that their call for vatter wolleybol was actually water volleyball,and the nekkest dance competition was in fact Next DARTS!!Food in the restaurant was very bland,pre-cooked & kept warm over tea-light burners,so unless you got in early a hot meal was out of the question.No ice cream,custard,cream,or dessert sauces on the lunch or evening meal buffets.You can buy "whippy" ice creams at the snackbars,but they start melting very quickly outside in the heat.We thought the whole restaurant seemed to lack any kind of organisation,with staff being motivated more by those offering money for table service rather than getting tables cleared & prepared for new diners.The water voucher scheme seems a waste of time though,as once you've got a bottle you can refill it at any of the free water cooler stations at the pool areas.If you take US Dollar traveller cheques,don't even bother trying to cash them at the in-house "Bank",he doesn't want to know.Best walk 10 mins down road to the Thomas Cook travel shop and get them changed for a very small commission (even direct into Egypt Pounds LE).The Sonesta Club runs a "free" bus to the beach - but it's not! - some guests were charged 1 euro each way,added to their room bill on departure,so beware of signing for anything with your room number on.If you want the beach,it's a 10 min walk towards Naama Bay on the Casino side of the road to Sonesta Beach Resort.Go through their complex,past their pool & shops,& onto their private beach.As you walk onto their beach there's a booth for Sonesta Club guests on the left hand side (in far corner),for your soft drinks & snacks (12:00-16:00).There is a bigger snack bar for the Sonesta Beach guests,so you may have to pay for hot snacks there if you want to use it.The seashore here is very shallow & there's a floating walkway taking you over the coral for snorkeling or diving purposes (you're not supposed to walk on the coral to get there).Even close to shore there's lovely fish to see in the crystal clear water,but further out the colours & variety are even more amazing. One big downside of the Sonesta Club hotel is the abundance of young Russian & other Eastern Bloc guests,who have no respect for their hosts,or concept of waiting their turn in the restaurant or bar. Take an evening stroll along the seafront (through Sonesta Beach & turn right before going onto beach),past all the other hotels & beachside bars/restaurants (many with their own entertainment),leading into Naama Bay.Then get a taxi back later on - no more than 20LE (they'll charge you 25,but barter them down or start walking !)Don't listen to anyone offering to get you a taxi - they'll want something for it - just walk past the rank onto the main strip back towards the hotels.

Travel operator: Thomas Cook

15 years 8 months ago
just come back weather really hot enjoyed every minute of holiday.
staff always on the go never see any of them skiving,
hotel really nice and clean you see staff with clothes in hand all the time cleaning everything.
the food was basic to start with not much choice for english people but once explained the problem to restaurant manager everything was sorted got meals prepared for us everynight.
hotel staff very friendly and polite no hassle from them always smiles from them. shops in the hotel near fitness centre all friendly to its worth going in and looking and having a cup of tea with them.
entertainment would not know about as every night went to top pool bar where alll the staff there are so friendly got on well with them all samir and kamir plus alaa are the best ones as you could always have a laugh with these, ask samir for his party tricks showed him some too.
overall would recommend this hotel to anyone we are booking back up for next year.small tips to the staff are welcome as once you tip them you find that they look after you for the rest of the holiday,they dont ask you for the tips but i found that tipping them made my holiday a lot better.

Travel operator: thomas cook

15 years 10 months ago
The hotel is located about 15 minutes drive away from Naama Bay centre and is the sister hotel to the Sonesta Beach Resort which is baout 5 minutes walk over the dual carriageway and from where you access the beach.

The hotel is very very clean and the housekeeper cleans your room and changes towels and bedding daily. The filters on the pools are also cleaned hourly and there always seems to be someone mopping up something somewhere.

The food was nicely presented and there is something for everyone..but it is much of a muchness so to speak. One of the bars did a BBQ every night with the usual chicken, burgers, salad, chips etc. Water was supplied by way for tokens from reception that you exchanged for 1.5 litre bottles in the restaurant. This is much needed as it is so hot over there. The other local drinks are in plentiful supply for those on AI. Thing is..I was not bothered about drinking anything other than water as it was sooo hot.

The location is not brilliant but I think it depends what you want. It suited me down to the ground, as I said before it is a short bus ride away from Naama bay centre. We were a group of 22 divers and we were picked up daily by the dive company anyway and driven to whichever jetty we were leaving from.

The staff were fine, always trying to please and not hassling you constantly for tips like in some hotels. If you gave any of them a tip, that was it..he looked after you for the rest of the holiday. As ever though, some staff work harder than others and some staff were more approachable than others. At the end of the day, they work long hours for buttons.

Don't really know much about the entertainment as I was hardly ever in the hotel but i do know there was a kids club and there always seemed to be lots of activities for kids as well as the usual disco at night for the little ones.

There are 3 main bars, 2 big pools, a jacuzzi, a few shops, a cash machine, a health club, computer access, pool table, a nice set of big water slides and it has its own diving school ( but we did not use it we went with Emporer Divers.)

On the whole I would stay there again.

Travel operator: Crystal

16 years ago
Just returned from a week at Sonesta Club. We had a very hot week with temp 42 degrees c. Hotel resort was very nice especially around the pools.

We soon learnt that the sun loungers were being reserved by the pool attendant - who was just generating tips - which is handy if you want a lie-in just tip him and he'll get you a sun bed!

Rooms are basic but cleaned daily with change of towels and bedding, air con in our room was very noisy and not very effective. Channel 8 on the TV was showing films each evening.

We took plenty of one dollar bills to use as tips and tipped often - this was ensure that we got regular drink top ups in the restaurant and the staff remember you.
Food was plentiful and varied and bottled water was readily available for free.

This is a well organised resort hotel. The hotel have their own cars and employ drivers who provide a taxi service and charge double the rates of the local official taxi's who are not allowed inside the gates of the hotel.

The hotel taxi's are also very keen to take you sight seeing but make sure you agree a price first.

Women are constantly hassled by Egyptian men particularly in Naama Bay and The old market.

Travel operator: Jet2

16 years 6 months ago
We arrived at about 10pm and found check in to be very quick and easy. We were given 2 downstairs rooms with ajoining doors just a 100 yards away from reception, and only 50 yards from the bar and swimming pool. On arrival at the room, we found that there were only 2 beds and 2 sets of towels, for the 3 of us. I went straight back to reception and within 5 minutes there was a 3rd bed and another set of towels for us. We went straight to the bar as all inc was due to finish at 11pm we thought, but luckily for us it went on till midnight. We missed evening meal, but there were snacks consisting of pizza, hot chicken sandwiches and cheese and salad sandwiches, on the terrace bar, and very tasty they were too.
Breakfast consisted of all the usual fruits, cereal, boiled eggs, sausages, breads and jams, honey etc, pancakes with syrup, and omlettes, done to your own taste by the ever smiling, singing chef. The staff, in the whole hotel were brilliant, and couldn't do more for you.
Dinner and evening meal were pretty much the same, usually beef , chicken, fish, along with the usual salads, pasta, cheese and hams,etc, followed by a choice of at least 10-12 deserts. The food was always very nicely presented, and always warm. Drinks were brought to your tabe for you and replenished without having to ask.
Vouchers for bottles of water were given to you on arrval at reception, and you gave 2 vouchers for each 2 litre bottle of schweppes still water, but we were given at least 24 vouchers.
There were 2 decent size swimming pools, one with 2 slides, and a childrens pool.The deepest swimming pool was only just over 5ft deep so it is very child friendly, and there is plenty of room also.
Also at reception at arrival, you were given a towel card for each person, and at 8am towels were available by the swimming pool each morning. You could take them back each evening if you wanted and get your cards back then get clean towels next morning, but we tended to keep hold of ours for a few days at a time, as you had to be up reasonably early if you wanted the sunbeds. eg 7-45- 8am.
The beach was about 15 mins walk away on the opposite side of the dual carriageway,via the Sonesta Beach Resort Hotel, but there are never any sunbeds left by the time you get there. You can use the TINY bar near the beach there, but it only serves water coke and orange,NO BEER or any other alcohol, and the queues can get quite long. You can also get snacks there also, but it was,nt usually worth bothering with, and make note, the bar and snacks are only available between 12noon and 4pm.
The Sonesta Club must be one of the cleanest hotels i've stayed at, our rooms were cleaned every day to a high standard, by a friendly man who we tipped on a few occasions, and he was genuinely very grateful. The staff in avery part of the hotel were extremely friendly and obliging and you couldn't fault any of them.
Entertainment was pretty much every evening with the same belly dancer at least 4 times a week, and it only lasted about 45mins, so people were just taliking and playing cards. Internet was available in reception but was pretty costly, an newspapers were available the following evening but they were getting on for 4 pound.
On the whole we thoroughly enjoyed out 2 weeks here and i would certainly return again sometime in the future

Travel operator: freedom direct

16 years 9 months ago
The Sonesta club hotel Sharm El Sheikh is absolutely brilliant can't fault it in any way.

Don't listen to the other reviews who say the entertainment is rubbish because the entertainment was fabulous- parrot shows magicians etc.

My little boy realy enjoyed the pool and the water- slides.

The food was excellent had Egyptian foods and English cuisine.

Will definitely visit this hotel again. 11/10 (that good!):-)

Travel operator: travel republic

16 years 10 months ago
The brochure stated that there were 3 restaurants the main buffet restaurant, terrace restaurant & snack bar.

There were no terrace restaurant & snacks at the snack bar you had to pay for, even though we were all inclusive. Buffet restaurant food was of good quality but quite samey.

There was very limited entertainment, which again you had to pay for even though we were all inclusive. Brochure also stated could use all facilities at sonesta beach hotel, as an all inlusive guest, but this only included soft drinks & limited snacks at the beach bar.

If you wanted a sunbed at Sonesta Club had to be up before 9:00am, however were plenty available at Sonesta beach. 24 hour reception & buffet restaurant staff excellent. Fab security. hotel was in good location and free minibus for thomson guests to sonesta beach hotel & Naama bay.

Rooms cleaned every day although cleaner will find a reason to come back when you are back in your room to expect a tip every day!!!

Health spa on site which is reasonably priced, and well equipped.

Travel operator: thomson

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