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Address: Protaras, PO Box 33377, 5313, Cyprus
Maouris Apartments
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Cleanliness 5 stars
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Service 4 stars
Location 5 stars

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Louise stayed at Maouris Apartments, Protaras in June 2004
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These Apts are very reasonable for the price you pay. Very basic, but we found everything we needed was in the apartment. As for cleanliness....... spot on. The owners own mother cleaned the rooms, and they were always spotless. The owner and his mother/grandmother were always very polite.

There is no entertainment in the Apts....... but as you are less than 5minutes away from the \"strip\" in Protaras this wasn't a problem.

Location was fantastic.... only 400metres away from the lovely Fig Tree Bay.

Be aware of their swimming pool though..... it goes very deep, very sharply! You only have about 4feet across where it's shallow...... not ideal for young children, or, like me, not strong swimmers.

On the downside to these Apts, the toaster didn't work, air cond was noisy, sink was loose, and so was the shower head. ...
Overall though, you pay for what you get. For what you pay, you can't fault the Apartments.

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