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Feb 27, 2005

Hi, I am taking my 4 and 8 year old to Portinax, Thomson Superfamily resort of Hotel Presidente in …

Last post by Roo 2005-03-23 23:31:08

Mar 21, 2005

I was wondering if anyone could give me information about the hotel tress toress as i am going there…

Last post by Glynis HT Admin 2005-03-21 15:36:34

Mar 19, 2005

Hi everyone.. This site is awesome, lots of information here.. almost too much.. :shock: Anyways,…

Last post by johncob 2005-03-19 20:01:54

Mar 17, 2005

Every country we go to, we like to learn some basic phrases in the local language, as beleive it is …

Last post by Carole 2005-03-18 21:40:45

Feb 14, 2005

personally i hated my holiday in ibiza, we went in august 2004 and stayed in playa d' em bossa …

Last post by Fizz 2005-03-17 10:19:10

Mar 14, 2005

we are a 30 something couple going to santa eulalia in may any ideas for nightlife. also is there an…

Last post by katherinelc 2005-03-15 20:36:36

Mar 12, 2005

Going on 1st June for first time with wife and two kids under 6. Mum n Dad are coming also. We are s…

Last post by wayne zab 2005-03-12 08:55:44

Feb 20, 2005

Hope you had a good Xmas. We once spoke to each other last year re hols in Galeon hotel.Well not lon…

Last post by allmen HT Mod 2005-03-11 12:58:55

Mar 10, 2005

We are going to the hotel Presidente in Portinatx 7th May, staying half board and after last year�…

Last post by wayne zab 2005-03-11 12:50:21

Mar 9, 2005

Hi me and boyfriend have booked to go in september club 18_30 holiday want to know what hotel is lik…

Last post by Glynis HT Admin 2005-03-09 16:46:07

Mar 3, 2005

Hiya, I'm going on a boys holiday to Ibiza, staying in the Hotel Brisa, staying for 2 weeks, i…

Last post by nuttysam 2005-03-03 19:05:27

Sep 3, 2004

any one stayed at these apartments , got myself a good deal , fly out on the 18 th , know es cana pr…

Last post by alysteve 2005-03-03 12:53:50

Mar 2, 2005

has any one been to vista al mar bed and breakfast not been to this one have been to es cana 4 times…

Last post by alysteve 2005-03-03 12:22:56

Feb 17, 2005

Can anyone tell me of a suitable family location on Ibiza. My two are 2 yrs and 1 year so preferabl…

Last post by Smiles 2005-03-01 21:22:52

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