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2 stars
Avenida de la Cornisa, 19, 35130 Puerto Rico, Spain
All the apartments offer brilliant views of thu sea and the friendly staff ensure that the atmosphere is always warm and welcoming. The Blue Star is highly recommended lor couples, with its excellent pool bar and a lovely selection of restaurants nearby.\

41 Reviews

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14 years 5 months ago
The Blue Star does exactly what is says on the tin, Cheap and cheerful!

Very basic but has beds that are acceptable although if your intending to cook while staying here be warned, only a two ring hob no oven or grill. You can hire toasters etc from reception.
The pool and pool bar were spotless as were all public areas however the apartments were shall I say "dated".

The staff always had a smile for you and were very helpful.

Would I stay here again, probably not after having sampled other apartments in Puerto Rico.

Travel operator: Independant

Darren V
15 years 3 months ago
We stayed at Blue Star for 2 weeks in September and they were quite possibly the worst two weeks of accomodation i have experienced. Apart from most of the staff on reception, we were dealt with very poorly including some rather rude maids.

The bathroom was extremely dirty and had some kind of mold growing on the showerhead as well as on the tiles and when we had cockroaches there was no insecticide/spray to be found.

Having no entertainment onsite was a problem, although the pool bar was good quality, good staff and great food! The saving grace was easy access by taxi to Puerto Rico itself, the Europa Centre for food and entertainment is about 5 minutes walk from the hotel and some decent deals on watches and other goods can be achieved through bartering.

All in all the hotel was a disgrace but the island itself was a lovely place to visit, especially Maspalomas sand dunes. Advice... don't stay at Blue Star but definitely do a few trips.

Travel operator: First Choice

16 years ago
We have been to Gran Canaria on numerous occasions and have always had good accommodation (apart from Aqua Sol) and this was no exception.

Our apartment was clean and tidy upon arrival and was kept that way by the staff during our stay.
We had one cockroach which was quickly killed with the spray which they provided so what people moan about we dont know.

The view out to sea was very good and overall it was very quiet except on new years eve but that was to be expected.
We think that these apartments were very good and would not hesitate to return in the future.

Finally the lift only breaks down when idiots mess around with it because we had no trouble when we used them.

Travel operator: first choice

A Burrell
16 years ago
i and my husband stayed at these apartments for to weeks and after what i read we where up to a hundred but when we got there we had nothing to worry about

Travel operator: first chioce

16 years 2 months ago
Been to this apartments before fabulous views, how many people spend all there time in an apartment anyway?all you need if you are going to eat out every night and explore genourous size blacony ideal rustic apartment for people with children cleaners came in and chatted away in spanish to us in a way its better to be higher up the hill away from all the noise

Travel operator: FIRST CHOICE

16 years 2 months ago
Booked the Blue Star as a last minute getaway, and read some horrendous reviews before we left - especially about the lift!
Couldn't disagree more with the bad reviews... Room was great and suitable for purpose - how much time do you spend in there anyway!??!?! Cleaned well twice in the week we were there (and no cockroaches), no clean sheets, but how often do you need them changed in a week!?!! Pool was fantastic, practiced now at towelling beds early! Pool bar was good for lunch, and had no problems at all with staff. Better to be at the top of the hill than stuck in the middle of Puerto Rico with a million other people and noise!
Wouldn't recommend going to Amadores unless you are prepared to get a taxi back or take the long steep walk... As for the lift - take it for its novelty value and it's fine, if a bit strange! Only broke down once while we were there, and it was fixed within in an hour. Already looking to book for a larger group next year - would recommend to anyone.

Travel operator: Bookable Sun

16 years 3 months ago
I have only been back for 3 weeks after staying at the blue star, I have to say that we did not see one cockroach in our apartment, which had been a worry after I had read a few forum posts, we were on the top tier of apartments, I had read about a 'dodgy' lift, again no worries there! I did see a removed lift in the grounds which might suggest the 'dodgy' lift has been replaced.

Overall accommodation is quite basic but not bad ( If you want better pay more ) there are no luxuries on the inside but then the price reflects that, staff are friendly and helpful, ( even when faced with daft Brits like me and my man, whom could not even open our apartment door! And had to be shown how, and then managed to break our hotel safe on 3 occasions!! ) each time we had a problem staff acted very promptly at helping us out ( even though the guy fixing the safe spoke Spanish, it was easy to understand like, 1 KAPUT, 2 KAPUT, 3 KAPUT, 4 KAPUT ) Translated into even our English means do note use buttons 1 to 4.

Maids came every other day and did the whole shebang, bedding, cleaning, towels, even our washing up! ( which I kept having to tell the O/H was OK as we were on holiday and it was expected , still he did not like to leave it but kept forgetting to buy washing up liquid in his overly drunken state!! < His first time at foreign measures lol!! > )

Our balcony was fantastic ( remember we are on the top tier ) We had glass balconies which were great on an evening just chilling out having a drink and looking at the views, We brought out the sofa cushions ( sorry don't do plastic chairs they do my back in, I am a comfort kitten all the way!! ) lit a few candles and sat on the balcony every evening, It was huge as far as a balcony goes and I loved it so much more than the interior, I even slept out there one evening :o)

The pool is fine, But I have to admit that we were a bit naughty and we walked down the hill to the Gloria palace to use their pool as the water is so soft and warm (the luxuries of 5 star I guess) even so, As much as the Gloria may have better interiors and pool they could never beat our balcony!

Also we are late risers and never found a problem getting 3 loungers together by the pool with a little bit of moving loungers around.

As far as how high up it is, I loved the location; it is quieter on a night, Close to the Europa centre, 5 mins walk, if you want more relaxation rather than in your face hassle when you go for breakfast (or evening meal) the top of the Island is where you need to be!

Plus the top of the Island is much cleaner in all by far, Anyway a taxi from top to bottom is just 3 to 4 Euro, and believe me once you have been to the bottom a few times and have gone through cat pee park you will be glad you are at the top (do not get me wrong I am a cat lover, I have my own) But down in the bottom it reeks. Top of the island for me every time.

I think top tier is level 8? Not too sure right now will ask the better half (He is not the brains of the duo, But he is the memory!)

Oh biggest bugbear, 2 beds shoved together to make a double, As we all know NOT Ideal for a couple but does seem the norm in most hotels abroad, even the luxury places, when we went to Anfi ( on a trip to try sell us as formerly known

Travel operator: first choice

C Bloor
16 years 4 months ago
When we arrived at 2am we were given our room keys and advised to go into the lift and make our way to level 1 (reception was on level 9)
The lift was like a cable car lift but it got us to the level we required.
In our rooms we were greeted with dirt, a bin that had not been emptied and only 2 beds made up and not enough sheets for the 3rd bed as we had 3 people in our appt.

I then had to make my way back up to level 9 to ask for more sheets and to complain about the dirty room and the bin, I was given more sheets and told the night receptionist would advise the manager in the morning and get someone to come to our room.
No one ever came to the room the next day and we had to empty the bin ourselves as it was overflowing.
Also the windows at the back of the appt did not close properly and the patio door if you touched it the glass almost fell out.

Day one and we went to the pool area to be greeted by hardly any sunbeds, what beds there were was reserved by towels and no one on them, this happened most days, there was no children's enterainment as advertised on our holiday website and this was mainly a hotel for the spanish as most of the guests were just that.

The room was cleaned twice whilst we were there if you could call it that as all they did was empty the bins and leave towels they changed the beds once but if I'm totally honest we were probably better off left with the previous sheets as one set were blood stained and the others were Grey not white!

We complained about the standard of cleaning but nothing was ever done.

On the final day I was using the lift upto reception at 4pm (may I just point out this is a lift on a hillside with 4 sides of glass in full hot sunlight) and I got stuck in it, I was left there for 10 minutes with only a spanish responce on the alarm before someone reset it and it went back to the bottom.
When I complained to reception I was told it was a totally safe lift and I should just chill out - not the reponce I was expecting at all.

Later that evening it our last day and we were preparing to leave as we had paid 36 euro for a room extention till midnight we called for the lift and found it to be out of service.
We called to reception and told we had to use the one poolside.
The route we had to take was up 4 flights of stairs to the 4th floor across and along side the pool, up a lift to the 6th floor along and acroos to a second lift to the 8th floor along a walkway to below the reception then up a spiral staircase to the 9th floor. My dad had to do this 6 times as we had 6 suitcases.

No help was offered by reception.

Travel operator: On the Beach

16 years 4 months ago
when we booked the hotel we didnt realise just how high up it was with 2 young children sometimes this was hard.the room was reasonably clean the towels were useless and did not dry you we were on the 7th floor so the view was good access was not bad although i must say the lift did break down at least once a day.we wont be going again but only because we had to get a taxi everywhere the europa centre was very poor we eat there one night and was very dissapointed the food was terrible and service was not any better they seemed more interested in telling you about there free ice cream which you can get almost everywhere.

Travel operator: first choice

16 years 8 months ago
When we arrived it was glorious sunshine the view was magnificent. We thought how lucky we were. That ws until we had to carry our suitcases down 6 flights of stairs as the lift was broken. The lift seemed to be broken more than it worked.

We thought our room was a bit on the shabby side but we wern't going to be in it much and the view was great.

What we had not bargained for was the cockroaches. We did not notice them when we arrived but at the night time they were everywhere.

When we complained the manageress just started singing La cucaracha la cucaracha da da. I now know that is spannish for cockroaches.

They thought it was no problem and said everywhere had them when we asked to be moved so there was no point moving.

We had paid for a fan and a room safe and when we returned these we asked for a complaint form for the rep and we were told there were no complaint forms.

Our rep on the island was useless and told us we were better off finding our own rooms.

Which we did and they were great.

Travel operator: Hays Travel

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