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Vergina Studios & Apartments

25 of 43 hotels in Malia

4 out of 5 from 3 reviews
Emm. Tsagkaraki St., Malia 70007, Greece

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17 years 4 months ago
Set off for Malia last August anxious about the hotel as I had booked it up for the 9 of us. On arrival found the Kosmar reps quite easily and off we went on the coaches to take us to the hotel.

Arrived very very early in the morning to pure panic as the night porter had not got my surname on the booking form! However problem solved it had been booked in another surname because his passport got checked in first.

Got into the rooms and they were very basic which is fine and what I expected for the type of holiday we had planned. Howvere the rooms were very dirty and the sheets I didnt bear thinking about as I got in bed at night, the maid was usless and barged in regardless when she attempted to clean. The crocks provided for cooking with were disgusting and I wouldnt touch them and we all ended up buying plastic cups 2 drink out of. Shower floods the entire bathroom and trickles out water.

The location is fantastic however and its just close enough to the nightlife litterally a 2 min walk to mcdonalds where you then head up the strip of clubs, so not to long a walk back when your feet are hurting! Also very close to the beach but beware they attack you as soon as you step on the sand about sunbeds and parasoles!

Food at the hotel was good enough and reasonable they do very nice toasties and egg sandwhiches for your hang overs in the morning.

The pool is what makes the hotel it is fantastic and you wouldnt want to move all day from it, there is a jacuzzi and swim up bar and plently of sunbeds.

The staff were friendly enough and is run by a family and the photo shop across the road is also ran by the family so process your pics there and they will most likely give you discounts.

In the day the pool bar play a good mix of cds except for the fact they constantly played robbie williams in the morning! but you generally make your own entertainment.

All in all the hotel is perfect for a clubbing holiday. However if you like things basic but clean I wouldnt recommend this hotel as the maid needs teaching a thing or two!

Travel operator: Kosmar

17 years 5 months ago
Absolutely fantastic!!! The pool is the best in Malia with its own jacuzzi and pool bar. The views from the pool area are incredible.... The music played tops the rest that we heard when walking past others. Joe who was working there this year is a legion!

The others are all family who seem pleasant enough. George cooks fab fry ups perfect hangover cure for 3 euros! The only problems we had were inside the actual rooms but not biggies....

Only 1 breakfast bowl between 3... but when we asked we were given more straight away... didn't actually use the kitchenette because just all a bit rubbish to be honest.

Sinks didn't have plugs annoying when ya need to wash up.
The cleaner came into our room 3 times in 1 week! To change towels and mop the floor.... she rather rudely barges in when your sleeping... round about 11ish 12ish... which is normal when you've have been partying till 6ish.
Bangs around, took a whole thing of pringles!!! and tried to bin my mates very expensive gas cylinder for her curling tongs. Did my head in a bit... (tip- leave ya key in the door so she can't get in from the other side)

Location.... you couldn't ask for any better! Right in the lime light... walk round the corner and your at Mcdonalds which is the start of the amazing nightlife.

So there are no clubs like right outside your door booming away till all hours which I was a bit worried about when we did need some sleep.

Our rep Dave organises quite a few trips e.g. water park, beach party, bar crawl, BBQ party. We did the BBQ for 12euros... all you can eat and free shots... raki ughhh.... deadly stuff. did a quiz... pretty funny and v embarrassing!!

Overal the good points far out weigh the bad and your definitely see me there next year!

Travel operator: Kosmar

Lindsey And Vicky
18 years 3 months ago
Stayed at the Vergina annexe in September we had room 101 overlooking the road.

Watch out for Spyros from the Two Forks restaurant he is very rude!

The apartments were basic it has a very small prison window.

The pool area was lovely and would play your own cds.

Had a very good time lots of lush men!

Travel operator: Kosmar


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