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Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

31 of 59 hotels in Las Vegas

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3950 Las Vegas Blvd,South, Las Vegas, NV, United States

3 Reviews

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Sara And Neil Whitton
15 years 6 months ago
Luxury is the best word to describe the Mandalay Bay. As all hotels in Vegas the M B has a theme which is tropical from real exotic birds, cascading water falls inside and outside the complex, a shark reef which is amazing!!

Orchids and Lillie's everywhere, a real beach with pool just like the sea(busy area but no wonder).

You actually feel like you are on a tropical island when you are actually in the middle of the Arizona desert!!

The MB really have not missed a trick although the theme is subtle and not in your face like some of the other hotels on the strip.

There are around 10 different places to eat maybe more we tried most of them and they were all great and quite cheap too! loads of bars, some bands playing at night too. Free drinks when you are gambling even on the 5c slots!
The trick is to find a waitress and gamble near her and she keeps coming back as long as you tip her.

The MB is a bit far to one end of the strip and when its hot like it was in April to walk along to the middle of the strip or the other end it was a bit tiring, there was a wee train which ran from the Luxor to the Excalibur hotel which helped a bit but it would be great if it ran to the middle or further!!

You would think waking from one hotel to another would be nothing but some hotels are the size of a whole block in New York or more!

You really have to see it to believe it.

We really had the time of our lives it did cost a bit when we were there and we had allowed for that so didn't worry about money, which was a nice position to be in but we had managed to get cheap flights and phoned the MB direct and got a great deal. Because there was 6 of us we got a limo from the airport to the hotel which I must say is the way to arrive in Vegas, we were treated like royalty from the moment we stepped out of the limo to the amazing reception at the MB and you are welcomed by the subtle smell of orchids and tropical scent which I think must come through the air con.

The rooms are just lovely with a beautiful big bathroom, huge corner bath and power shower, two sinks, loads of storage, plenty of nice bath products too!! The room its self is so clean and spacious, with TV, two huge double beds which was great as although myself and my husband were are a couple the others were not.

The hotel itself is so so huge I was still getting lost on the last day, we were there for 7 nights which was not long enough in my opinion but the money was beginning to dwindle by then and we still had New York to hit after that.

We really did cram everything in and did gamble a little but not much usually later on in the night after we had been out and about and I would say I prob broke even as when I did win I walked away!

We did the gran canyon by helicopter then sailed the Colorado river with a champagne picnic WOW, we hired 3 fancy cars(dodge viper, Ferrari and porche boxter) drove to lake mead, hired a speed boat and drove back by hoover damn!! Amazing day all in all.

Because we still had the cars till the next day we drove to the Hilton and stepped out of the cars at the valet parking(girls in evening dresses and boys in Kilts) we felt like celebrities Hee hee such fun.

We ate at Benny Hannahs tepinyaki restaurant which was such fun. We saw Mama Mia at the MB then went to the private disco and blagged into the VIP area where we drank champagne.

Another kilt wearing night we blagged into the exclusive Mandalay Bay bar on the very top floor, what a view.

All in all Vegas was great and the Mandalay Bay was fantastic!!! Can't wait to go back

PS. air con cold so you need a sleeve at night

Travel operator: seperate flights and booked hotels directly ourself

Michael F
17 years 5 months ago
Like most hotels on the Strip in Vegas, this is a posh and great looking hotel.

The hotel is located basically at the end of the Strip nearest to the airport and you are therefore not within walking distance of anything. But then again - that applies to almost any resort in vegas since they are all so big.

Mandalay has a nice but overcrowded pool area built as a "beach" with wawe pool and all. If you are a couple on a romantic escapade - cough up the extra bucks (I thin it was about 30 USD per person) to enter the exclusive "European" area of the pool.

This is a very nice area with great sunbeds and excellent service - not accesible to the "non-paying" guests. Note that it is allowed to be topless in this area. The conclusion is that the pool area is great, the casino is like all other casinos in town and the hotel - although nice rooms - is a bit boring.

Personally, I think we would choose something further down the strip for our next visit.

Travel operator: Private

19 years 6 months ago
Me and my husband stayed at this hotel (Mandalay Bay) in the end of April 2002 and we really loved this hotel! Nice big rooms with a nice bath, both shower and a bathtub!

Panorama window so you could see "the strip" very well. The poolarea was very beautiful, wonderful plants, plamtrees and at one pool there was real sand from Sahara and a wawemachine!

A really relaxing hotel.If we ever come to Las Vegas again we defenite would choose Mandalay Bay!

Travel operator: DIY


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