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Machis Kritis 24, Malia 70007, Greece

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14 years 11 months ago
First night we stayed they we got charged for bringing people back...firstly we refused to pay but thretened us with the police and they had our passports so we gave them the 60 euro....
The third night they charged us 70 euros for making noise!
The man who owned the hotel moaned at everything...there was a few of us sat on our balcony we moved a ONE chair from around the pool (which we put back after we used) and he complained about that for about a hour!
You have to buy your own toliet roll...they provide one roll and thats it!
The shower only ran cold water...we told them this everyday and everyday we got the same reply of...'its not our problem we will sort it out tommoro'
They tried to charge my friend 80 euros for 'wetting a towel' joke!
the beds were awful!
the covers wasnt changed once....and we had to more or less beg for new towels!
They were very unhelpful any questions we asked there answer was usually....'not our problem we dont know'
On the last day they charged us 80 euro for yet again bringing one person back to our hotel...and getting make up on the sheets and 'wetting a towel'!
I did not see the man or women smile once in the whole stay!

On the last day we literally got chucked out of our hotel....the man threw our stuff out of the hotel and didnt care where we went or that we had to wait for our airport transfer!
Malia has good nightlife and you will meet some lovely people!

Travel operator: airtours

15 years 10 months ago
Do not go to this hotel.!!!
got to be the worst hotel iv ever been to in my life and thats the truth
there were only about 10 ppl staying in the hotel for a start.
the bar shut about 8 O'Clock and there was never anyone sitting at it anyways.
the owners are complete idiots. thinking they could take advantage bcoz we were 2 , 19 yr old teenagers.
was quiet the full week by the day we were due to leave we handed in they key and went to collect our passports. they said they would check the room first so then called us back and said we would have to pay 120 euros or we weren't going home.
as being the day due to go home we had about 10 euros between us left.
2 oors we had before going to find a bus to take us to the airport.
and the guy was demanding this money or we weren't to get our passports bk.
so had to fone bk home for an hour or 2 before getting hold of anyone and finally did had to get money transfered over for us to get home. nearly missed our flight and everything.
120 euros for nothing as i had asked what this was for, he then gave me a list of stuff that wasn't the way it should be.

1. 30 euros for an old telephone by the bed that was all rusty it was that old,- we got the blame for it being that way even though it was like this when we arrived.
2. 50 euros for a bit of wetness on the curtain as i had wiped a mark off it.
3. 25 euros each for being a bit of make up on the bed sheet and 5 euros for each pillow, the same ones we had to use for the week as no one came to give us clean ones.
Complete JOKE!!!
then the rest of the remaining euros was there suppose to have been a mark on the walls.
the room was a mess when we got there.
to me it looks as though thats there do this 2 young girls to make extra money.
and after that experience i will never be giving my passport to the hotel either!!

Well yous have been warned. theres loads of hotels in Malia and alot nicer.

and to be honest i think this is just one of many hotels in Malia that seem to do this.
as when i was speaking to a few girls at the airport they seemed to have gone through this as well.
As if they don't get enough of our money already !!

Travel operator: booked individually

16 years 8 months ago
golden sun apts in malia,large 1 bed apt spacious terrace, sunbeds all around the pool area also a grassed area for sunbathing.good sized it was close to the end of the season the cafe/bar was only open 2 days out of 14...very disappointing and the owners were very unfriendly.

Travel operator: kosmar


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