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Mike Morgan
13 years 6 months ago
The belle vue is situated up a hill away from the main block of hotels at the resort.The road is quite
steep as it approaches the hotel and even steeper as it continues upwards.There is no pavement to walk on and at night the lighting is very poor. It is also a very busy road and because it is steep, there is lots of road noise from vehicles, especially large heavy ones straining to go up and having to use low gears to come down. There is also the smell from the diesel and petrol fumes. You have to walk this road every time you want to go to the resort and it's not pleasant.
There are also a lot of steep steps to walk up from the road to enter the hotel, unless you want to walk
even further up the steep hill to reach the driveway.
The obvious plus side from being up a hill is that there are fantastic views overlooking the resort and
sea, but having just spent 2 weeks there, my wife and I considered it a high price to pay.

The room we had was quite spacious for two people, but it was a family room as it had a pullout sofa/bed. The bathroom was big, it had a bath with shower over, soap dispensers over the bath and sink
and a hairdrier and Plenty of storage space. It was also quite dark and for the first week, the hot
water was quite sporadic. It's not nice to have to bathe in cold water!
The room also had a fridge, which sounds great, however, we didn't understand why there was a fridge
because the were notices everywhere forebidding you to bring any food or drink back to the hotel and any
that was found would be confiscated and returned to you upon departure, so quite what you were supposed
to put in it remains a mystery. We did risk bottled water and got away with it. The fridge kept the
water slightly cool, not cold at all.

The pool area was quite nice, quiet most of the time and the best thing of all, you could always get a
sunbed. Guests didn't have that infuriating habit of placing a towel on one and then going out for the
day. I say it was quiet most of the time because on a few occasions some young girls were around and the
barman thought it was a good idea to play loud music for them, seemingly forgetting the rest of us were
enjoying the peace and quiet.

The breakfast at the hotel has to be the worst I have ever had, and I have been holidaying abroad to
different countries for about 25 years.
It was classed as a Tukish breakfast and consisted of cucumber, tomatoes, olives and other dried fruits,
2 types of processed meat and cheese, yoghurt and something else unidentifiable, cheap cornflakes,
sometimes some watermelon, other times apples. there was a "hot dish" which was boiled eggs and
occcasionally some small frankfurters, but mainly it was just boiled eggs. There was a toaster, which on
several occasions, the staff had not even bothered to switch on. Twice during our stay they put out a
breville sandwich maker and no, I couldn't understand why only twice either.
To go with your toast or bread, there was 2 types of jam, honey and butter, all in individual packs.
Here comes the biggest warning, check the butter. Because the are left out for over 2 hours, put back in the fridge and back out again constantly, we discovered that most of the butters were rancid.
We reported this to the staff, twice, but nothing was done. so we did the only thing we could do, keep
opening them until we found a fresh one, consequently, the waiters cleared away our plates with a pile of opened but unused butters.
For drinks, there was an urn for tea and an urn for coffee, which one day the staff forgot to put the
coffee in. The cups which were for both drinks were the size of espresso cups. Most mornings there was
also a cold drink, which upon sampling tasted like undiluted squash.
Also some days, the staff would stroll in and help themselves to breakfast while guests were still
eating, very unprofessional.

Do yourself a favour and avoid this hotel, save your legs, lungs and stomach. Lets face it, who sits
staring at a view all day, you can see the sea from the beach. It's not worth it.


Travel operator: travel republic

19 years 3 months ago
This Hotel is built into the mountain side on six terraces. The view from the Rooftop Restaurant, and pool bar is one of the best I have ever seen. Looking out over the wonderful Blue Bay.

The food is excellent well cooked with a cooked with a wide range of dishes at each of the three meals.

The hotels 30 rooms are placed in such a way that
none of them have a sea view, they all look down on the very busy main road to the resort center. Leaving the hotel can be a problem, due to the speed amount of traffic, and lack of pavement. The road is very steep and the hotel is on a blind bend, if you are fast you can make it across in daylight. Don

Travel operator: Perfect Choice

19 years 4 months ago
On arriving at this hotel we wondered what we had done, as it is situated half way up a very busy steep hill...but the view is fantastic!!

Hotel,and rooms are very clean. Food menu is good and has a lot of variety from b-b-q steaks and fish to salads and chicken. Staff at reception helpful and in the roof top restaurant, but bar staff could be a bit strange. No entainment except a belly dancer who maked entertainment out of holiday makers - but did have a great laugh due to the lovely people we met including a lot of Turkish also holidaying there.

If taking children (ours were 9 & 7 just) be very careul in pool as there is a bit of a drop before getting wet from the pool edge - but our kids enjoyed it!

Travel operator: booked off teletext


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