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Calle Kennedy, 8, 03503 Benidorm, Spain
These 2* apartments are bright and modern, though still with the budget traveller in mind. There are 53 self-catering apartments, all with air conditioning and lovely swimming pool to enjoy. The gardens make it a lovely setting and the hotel is close to restaurant and shops so guests can enjoy the local area.

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Fantastic location in need of updating though
12 years 9 months ago
We have just come back from the Alpha Apartments. On arrival the staff were more than helpful we found the lifts far too small and quite scary.

On arriving at our room on the eleventh floor we found the room had not been cleaned properly and were very shabby and dated, the towels were only changed once and the linen not changed on our seven night stay. The beds were the most uncomfortable I have ever tried too sleep in resulting in many sleepless nights even after plenty of sangria. There was a fault with the air con which was fixed within the hour.

The bar and pool area were fine. These apartments would be fine if updated slightly with new mattresses included because they are in a fantastic location.
Definitely got good value for money and would definitely return here
13 years 10 months ago
A pre summary for those who don't want to read my prattle. Clean apartments in a fantastic location, plenty of local amenities, good SC facilities, lifts not very modern but reliable, friendly staff upon first impressions, however not last. Please read on for more details:

Firstly, I want to stress the fact that I believe in an ideal world, you get what you pay for. We'd paid approximately Ā£1,200 for 4 of us to go to Benidorm (flights, transfers to/from the airport and one week at the Alpha Apartments). I wasn't expecting The Ritz as some people seem to when writing reviews of budget apartments.

We arrived at Alpha at around 12PM, exhausted after a night flight with no sleep and really just wanting to get into our room for a well earned rest and to freshen up. We were the last to be seen to at reception as everyone was shoving to the front and I'm more polite than those people. Now I wish I would have been rude, just like they were!

Once we got to the front, we were checked in and asked to pay a 60 euro room deposit, this was fine and we each paid 20 towards that and rental of the safety deposit box. Once we'd paid and were checked in, we were told the room was going to be another hour from that point as it was being cleaned.

However sleep deprived and frustrated I felt, I kept my cool and told the receptionist we would wait in the bar, he told us he would come and get us when the room was ready. We settled ourselves in the bar and ordered some food and drinks, none of us talking through complete lack of sleep and the stress of traveling.

An hour passed and we'd seen nothing of the man behind reception. I went back and asked him could we have the keys as it had been an hour, he shrugged at me and walked over to the intercom system, came back and told me it would be another half an hour.

At this point I wasn't very happy. I told him that none of us had actually slept for over 24 hours and that we needed to rest. He simply said unbelievableĀ, and returned to his desk. We sat in reception and patiently waited, until after 15 minutes we asked for the key and said we were going upstairs.
He didn't apologise for the wait, he simply handed us the keys and went back to what he was doing.

We got to the lifts (apprehensive after reading reviews of how they were death traps and how you'd have to be mad to use one!) and they were surprisingly tiny. We could only fit 2 people and 2 suitcases into one, and that was at a squeeze. Although small, they were safe and I had no problems whatsoever with them, we got used to them after a day or so.

Once we got upstairs (9th floor, apartment 9D if you're wondering), the maids were finishing up cleaning our apartment and we waited outside the room for them to do so. Once they'd finished, they brought their things out and left the door open for us. The room smelt fresh and the floors were still damp from being mopped. We closed the door and afterwards realised one of the maids had left a lanyard with keys to apartments on various floors of the block (in other words, had we not been honest people, we could have been in and out of next doors apartments before they'd even realised where they'd left the keys.)

The room was split into two with a lounge and kitchenette on the right, a bathroom on the left and a bedroom also on the left. The verandah stretched right across the whole apartment and we had a great view of the pool and the hotels opposite, it was lovely to look out on at night when everywhere was lift up.

My friend and I had decided to have the bedroom and our other two friends had the couch and the pullout bed which was underneath. I had been expecting two couches, but the pullout on the floor seemed to suit my friend fine and he was quite happy to sleep there. The beds in the bedroom were comfortable and the linen was fresh, our room contained two beds separated with a bedside table, a large mirror on the wall and some built in wardrobes.
The living room contained a couch with a pullout bed which was kept underneath, a chest of drawers and a comfy chair. The kitchenette had a breakfast bar with 4 dining chairs, a sink and draining board, cupboards and a fridge with a small pullout freezer inside. The bathroom; a toilet, a bidet, washbasin and a bath tub with an overhead shower.

The fridge was warm for a few hours until we realised the previous tenants had put it on the 0 setting. We changed it to 5 and it kept drinks cold and froze ice just fine, even if it was a little on the small side and contents had to be precariously arranged just to be able to close it.

The bathroom; a toilet, a bidet, washbasin and a bath tub with an overhead shower. Hot water was plentiful and steaming hot, the shower was powerful enough and the bath filled up very quickly.

We were happy with the apartments layout. Verandah doors were easy to close and very secure, even if it was unlikely anyone could get in on the 9th floor, you never know!

I was very happy with the cleanliness of the apartment; there were no remainders of the previous tenants. Bed linen was fresh, all surfaces had been wiped down and the bathroom smelt good. I was a slightly dubious about the bath which had a little murk around the sides, but thankfully Id brought my trusty Dettol and I had it cleaned up in no time. Im a bit of a clean freak so had to give everywhere a once over, for my own sanity more than anything!

The location of the apartments is brilliant. Its ideal for those of you who like to be close to the resorts nightlife. Being four 17-year-olds, we definitely wanted to be! Just around the corner is the Wooky Hollow II, a Liverpool owned bar with great homemade food for really reasonable prices.

A small walk will bring you to the English Square which features plenty of clubs and bars, and there are plenty of other bars to stop off at on your way.
There is a small supermarket also just around the corner and a small walk straight on, as well as an Internet cafe which has reasonable rates for use of both phones and Internet.

I wasn't overly impressed with the staff, although I feel guilty for saying that as a few were so friendly and couldnt do enough for us. The thing that stands out for me is the fact that the man we met upon arrival at reception blatantly scammed us. I could put it nicely but I wont. We were charged 60 for room deposit on arrival at Alpha, and upon departure were told that we had paid 50.

The man at reception on arrival had written on an envelope that we had paid 50. We later discovered that other people had paid different deposits, one group 40, who received all of their deposit back. It may seem petty, but its not about money for me. We were told we could wait and talk to him, but we declined. We did, after all, have a flight to catch.

The bar downstairs was cosy, with a good selection of food for reasonable prices, cocktails and a wide range of beverages, not just local spirits.

The pool area was a real plus for me, we were able to get a sun lounger whether it was 10am or 3pm. The pool was open until 8pm which was great, but there is no lifeguard so children would need to be watched whilst swimming. Inflatables are permitted in the pool. The only negative is that it gets really busy with them and its hard to actually swim as the pool is only rather small.

Apart from the matter of the deposit, I was so happy with my time at Alpha, and this is the only thing which lets it down for me.
I felt safe and at ease, especially with the evening security who will buzz you through once he recognises you.

There is a door with a lock which is closed in the evenings and this is a big reassurance. For what I paid, I feel I definitely got good value for money and would definitely return here. I hope Ive put those of you who've read Alpha horror stories at ease. After reading some reviews, I was terrified I'd be plummeting in the lifts and living in some sort of vile pig sty, but I can assure you this definitely isn't the case!
Susan Scott
14 years 9 months ago
After reading some of the scarey reviews i was more than alittle worried about staying here. How wrong can you be. The apartment was fab (8th floor) very clean and tidy. Just big enough for a family of 4. (kids 17 & 12) You have to pay 50c for 1hour of air conditioning. We put in 3-4 hours as we went to bed and that was fine. Enough to keep it cool till morning. We didnt have the beds changed but we were only there for a week. They did come with towels but when they came in the room they saw my hubby in his undies and ran a mile. (i dont blame them) we never did get the towels but so what. I'm sure if we had asked for some we would have got them. All reception staff and bar staff very friendly. Pool small but we were always able to get a sunbed whatever time of day.It was our first trip to Benidorm (cheap and cheerful) and we got what we paid for.We really enjoyed it. Don't always believe what you read and go with an open mind.

Travel operator: thomas cook

14 years 10 months ago
just back from a weeks stay in the alpha apartments.the apts are located right on the edge of the square so it can be a little noisey at night.
the apartments are a little small enough for 2 but not for a family and are in need of a lick of paint and an update.
the beds sheets and towels were clean but were not changed during our stay neither did we have a maid visit but mop brush ect. were there for your use.the furniture,windows & walls could have been cleaner nothing that a little time and a bucket of hot soapy water wont cure and it would have made a difference to my scores.
the balcony is huge with a table & 2 gets the sun on an afternoon until sunset.
the air con is opperated by slot machine 50c for 1/2 hour we thought a bit expensive but it was so hot 32-34c we had to use it at times.
the reception staff were very helpful nothing was too much trouble and I cant fault them in any way.
the bar served good hot fresh cooked meals from breakfast to night time snacks.
the pool area was clean and were always able to get a sunbed with no reserving them on a morning allowed.the pool has shallow walk in steps easy to get in and out.
on the whole for the money we paid and the location I would use the apartments again.

Travel operator: diy

Philip Leese
16 years 1 month ago
no water for two days, no electricity for nearly two days, not bad for a three day break. lifts are not for the timid.

Travel operator: thomas cook

16 years 7 months ago
We stayed in the alpha apartments for one week on a self catering basis. On arrival, my first impression wasnt all that great. The lift was very small and scary looking but it was better than climbing up the steps to get to the 8th floor. Our room was quite impressive as it was spacious and spotlessley clean also the balcony was huge.I found the appartment an ideal base for our stay in benidorm - if all your looking for is somewhere to sleep and shower without the frills! The swimming pool is spotlessly clean and is bigger than it looks in the aspro brochure. Did not dine at the appartments and found the bar a bit shoddy (my opinion only as i like cocktails and no one could make one properly). There are a couple of vending machines opposite the lifts which can be handy in the early hours when everything else is shut. The location of the apartments is great as its about 10 mins from the beach and not far to walk to the bars and restaurants/cafes/shops etc. The only noises i would warn anyone of was the traffic and some building works, however this did not ruin our holiday in any way. The alpha staff were pleasant and helpful during our stay when we saw them, we found that 24 hour reception service was not always available and some nights the bar closed early.We only had our towels changed once and did not have our apartment cleaned at all during our stay - not a problem for us as we kept the room clean and tidy ourselves.There is air con in the rooms which is 50 cents for an hour,there is a little slot machine near the door, this was quite good as we could just use it as needed.There is a television in the room which costs 3 euros a day to view (payable at reception), people taking children to this accomodation beware as there was a naughty tv channel . There was no entertainment provided but this did not matter as there was lots of things to see and do in the resort. There are 2 pool tables in the bar area and also internet access - 1 euro for 20 minutes. I would recommend these appartments to anyone as they offer good value and are situated in an ideal location. I would definately stay at these apartments again if i should holiday in benidorm in the future.There is a 60 euro deposit that is paid on arrival to cover any breakages, this is returned upon checking out. We got our money back okay and no-one even checked our room. Safety deposit box costs 20 euros for the week, you get 5 euros back on checking out.Read on a notice in the reception that if you check out after a certain time on sundays and bank holidays you get your 60 euro deposit back through the post - not so good if your skint on your last day . Happy holidays!

Travel operator: mytravel

A Davies
16 years 7 months ago
After reading the reviews on this hotel i was expecting a lovely hotel, however that is not what i got.

The staff are not friendly and are unhelpful, there seems to be no-one at the bar when you need them; you have to go find them.

The lifts are really dodgy and i did not trust them but being on the 9th floor i wasn't willing to take the stairs.

The room itself was not very clean, bed sheets were clean but looked as if the room hadn't been cleaned since last people. We only had 1 toilet roll and had to keep asking for more, there is no maid service so the room was not cleaned all week. The toilet also smelt like a public toilet, shower did not work very well then our toilet broke!

The location was good, pretty central to most shops, Tommys bar is good for entertainment and they have an happy hour all day!

Note that on arrival you have to pay 60e deposit on the room and 20e for a safe which you get 5e back. The TV is 3e per day which does have a porn channel so be aware if children are watching TV.

I would not visit this hotel again and the resort itself was not very clean.

Travel operator: Great Late Deals

16 years 10 months ago
We found these apartments were an ideal 'base'. Very basic and simple but fine if your not planning on spending a lot of time in them. Balcony was huge. Change of bedding and towels about every 3 days. Pool was ok - only 20 beds around the pool though and it didnt open until 10am. Mixture of guests - lots of families and a few groups of young singles although they were very well behaved! Good location - about 5 minute walk to the square and beach 10 minute stroll away with lots of shops bars and restaurants all around. Would definatley go back - at the end of the day you get what you pay for!

Travel operator: Freedom Direct

17 years 9 months ago
Just returned from 2 weeks of hell at the Alpha apartments. 2 adults and 2 children staying in one room with not enough room to unpack all of our clothes. Very basic accommodation, cleaner visited once in 2 weeks to change towels.

Stayed on the 2nd floor which meant we were unable to go to bed before 12.15am as big johns karaoke did'nt finish till then. Very noisy early hours of the morning with people coming in and fighting with each other.

Also people clowning around with their children in the pool at 2.30am one night.

Biggest rip off is having to pay 100 euros for air con for 2 weeks plus 60 euros deposit and 42 euros for the TV.

Would rather stay at home and stick pins in my eyes as return here for 2 weeks free.

Travel operator: mytravel

18 years 9 months ago
Brill stay here deffo go back if I had the chance.

Pool not as small as in brochure plus great suntrap. The pool does get busy but not that much, its just at midday when all the kids are hot an wanting to go in the pool to cool off. You can still have a good swim or just a dip to cool you down.

We stayed on the 12th floor at the side of apartment great seaview of Benidorm lit up at night is also an enjoyable view at night from are balcony.

The apartments do not serve meals but the wooky hollow 2 !!!!! is brill for snacks and breakfast.

Supermarkets, there are two right near you.

Rooms very nice, if you want air con you have to pay a little bit of money don't just expect it. The shower is brill. Beds bit hard in rooms but living room ones are so comfy.

The lift is brill but looks dodgy I had no probs with it and I was there using it for 2 weeks.

Bars and restaurants are just a short stroll down the road. What more can I say these apartments are brillliant for a fun self catering stay.

Travel operator: aspro


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